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Roseanne Barr’s ‘Nuts’ and Will Teach Your Kids Yoga in New DVD Series

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Mick Jagger starts singing in sanskrit, down dogging on stage and leading Rolling Stones fans in the Guyatri Mantra. Then Roseanne Barr takes up veganism, meditation and launches a children’s cooking/yoga DVD series. This isn’t some hippy fantasyland, this could soon be our reality! Maybe.

Greg Cipes and nonplussed Roseanne

Roseanne Barr is the latest boomer celeb to hit the granola trail, her new vegan and new age-y lifestyle being captured for her new reality show on Lifetime entitled “Roseanne’s Nuts,” so, uh, take that with a grain of hemp.  There’s talk of another blue collar family sitcom in the works too called “Downwardly Mobile” but what we’re really curious about is the cooking/yoga DVD series rumor The Huffington Post is helping to spread.

Roseanne’s foray into kids yoga is supposedly the influence of her “neighbor” Greg Cipes who lives in a tent on her lawn (yeah, we thought that odd as well) and who is guiding her through crunchy living and annoying everyone else on the show in the process: “I go by Gregory Michael Cipes, but really I’m just a witness of the divine.” (See clip below).

About the yoga series:

“They’re going to be 15 minute episodes broken into five minute segments,” Cipes told us. There will be five minutes of demonstrating Kundalini yoga techniques that Cipes has taught Barr, five minutes of an organic raw food recipe preparation and five minutes of a song.

“It will be a song that Roseanne and I wrote and we will show people how to play it,” Cipes said.

Has the working family’s comedienne gone tie-dye collar? Ha, we’ll believe it when we see it. Until then, this seems like an entertaining/obnoxious yoga stereotypey show. We kinda love the outspoken, middle class maven making waves, so we’ve got our crossed-fingers mudra that this lands in the hilarious end of the comedy spectrum.



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  • was this guy the model for Ogden, YJ’s obnoxious yoga dude?

    where’s John Goodman when you need him to open up a can of whup ass….

  • Pam

    Ohhh but I especially love “Flexitarian – it means I eat whatever I want” “Yeah, that makes you a fucking human being”

  • i love this. i love everything about Roseanne Barr and am very excited about her recent revival. she makes me look forward to getting middle aged and wacky.

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