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Wanderlust Tahoe Final Thoughts: Shiny Things and Getting Yoga High in CA

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Oh California, only you would provide the surreal setting for the above photo: yogis sprawled and lounging at a pool on the top of a mountain capped with snow in July.

And this one: Some sort of antigravity contraption.

Such was the scene at Wanderlust in Squaw Valley July 28-31st, 2011. We attended the overcast and almost washed out (yet fun) version in Vermont just a few short weeks earlier. The first east coast run felt…somewhat different than the west coast fest, now in its 2nd round, and it wasn’t just the sunshine and high altitude, though it was all very high, all right.

We already wrote some recaps, but as promised, we have here the Springer-inspired Final Thoughts in the form of

Things we learned from Wanderlust CA, 2011:

1. Proper Attire is a MUST: Yoga clothes don’t give good tan lines, so lose half of your clothing and paint your body. It’s more fun.

But if you want to fit in, dress up in your most outrageous garb, say a raccoon-skunk meets Robin Hood, or Can-Can dancer meets Helena Bonham Carter.

Don’t forget your hoop!

photo by J.T. Liss

Left your peacock mask at home? No worries, there’s one just for you! All that shopping is exhausting, be sure to replenish and pick up your free smartwater and bite-sized luna bar at the tent across the way.

2. Hydration and Recycling a MUST, and plenty of ‘Zero Hero’ trash tents were placed around (which is great since a major sponsor, smartwater, kept handing out free water bottles made of plastic).

3. Everybody gets into the spirit at Wanderlust Squaw Valley, a MUST. Even the skater boyz with trucker hats.

And heart-melty-eyed devotees. We got the starry Shiva stare more than once.

Who’s your yoga daddy? Worship, discipleship: words that rose to the sunshiney surface here in Cali. Also, cult of personality. If there were babies, there’d be kissing.

Perhaps it was the fabulous sunshine, or the free-loving, loopy Burning Man vibe, or the free marijuana they handed out with your wristband (kidding!), but this West Coast Wanderlust ranked much higher on the absurdity scale than the turn in Vermont. For another perspective, check out this review we can identify with, in terms of deciphering our own fest identity, entitled “Do I Belong?” by Nikki over at Live. Love. Yoga.

Still we can’t deny there was some crazy fun to be had, along with yoga. Oh yes, the yoga! The opportunity to take classes with such a Who’s Who of yoga teachers is certainly a treat. But don’t expect to come out with any deep rooted connection to the big named yoga guides. It’s speed dating, a tasting menu, and not even close to what knowledge you may gain from attending a regular class with your hometown yoga teacher.

In short, it’s a total scene! You can take that any way you like. For us, this is simply for the experience. It’s shiny on the surface, but the high soon wears off. Good times, for sure, but we’re happy to be back on Earth.

YD shout outs to @YisforYogini, @ayogist, @FeliciaTomasko, Julie and Kelly (and Bill) of @InYogaCenter. Love!

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  • i love that speed dating thing but definitely glad to be home 😉

  • Whiskas

    God, I hate that WC Burning Man style. Do no harm, but wear lots of feathers. God, the poi spinner and his can can dancing lady? Their uniform is no different than zzzzzz J. Crew in a NYC office. Could those people be trying any harder?

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