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LISTEN: Mick Jagger Sings in Sanskrit with New Supergroup

in YD News

Not to be outdone in the ever ongoing Beatles vs Rolling Stones debate, Mick Jagger has gone ahead and matched his brit brother, John Lennon’s “Jai guru deva om” with a bit of his own Sanskrit singing.  In fact, he’s formed a super group! SuperHeavy members include Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley and Indian superstar AR Rahman, some westerners might remember from rocking the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. As you might imagine, the album is something of a rock meets blues meets reggae meets Indian beats sort of collab. Hea-vy.

For their second single, “Satyameva Jayate” (translation: truth alone triumphs) Mick Jagger and Rahman sing it out with sympathy for the Sanskrit. For your reference: Satyameva Jayate is India’s national motto and is inscribed in Devanagari at the base of India’s national emblem.

BUT, it is not meant to be an Indian song. “The song is an original AR Rahman composition. It’s not a patriotic song. It’s just that the timing was right. The other members of SuperHeavy have sung the English lyrics, while Rahman and Jagger sing in English and Sanskrit,” Says Sunil D’Sa, vice president marketing, Universal India, the label releasing the CD in India.

Curious yet? Here is it in all it’s glory! The album is slated to be released some time in September. No word on in-studio yoga or other means of enlightenment just yet. #rollingstogi

Superheavy – Satyameva Jayate [A. R. Rahman] (2011) by Jerin John

Also, below, some clips from the studio, and the first single “Miracle Worker” (where Damian Marley rhymes “preposterous” with “a lot of lust.”) Check it.

[via BBC; HindustanTimes]


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  • Sondra

    I need a beach view to go with these tunes!!!!

  • There are no words for this. It seems so wrong and yet really cool. Thanks!

  • Dayita

    i’m loving this way too much

  • Jo

    Thank you for the post! Here’s a comment for all the Sanskrit Dorks out there. Because misspelling should never triumph – even when promulgated by the Hindustan Times. It’s “devanagari.”

    • YD

      Thanks, Jo!
      You are the expert 🙂

  • gopiji

    Gave JOY to my Soul and tears to my eyes.
    Love it

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