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Wanderlust Tahoe Day 1: The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Yogis!

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We made it to Wanderlust! If you’ve been following our road trip around about the Pacific Northwest you know we’ve been roaming like gypsies on too much yerba mate through Portland, Seattle, San Fran, wine country and now Lake Tahoe where we’ve taken a brief pause for a little yoga and yogi music festivalness.

Day 1: Cruisin’ for a Snoozin’ and the Women of Yoga

We arrived in Lake Tahoe just as Day 1 Wanderlusting was underway.  However, our bodies were well underway with hitting the snooze button. So, after a rejuvenating nap, a bevy of mini luna bars that are floating around the grounds like pollen in springtime, and some energizing chai we set out to tackle what these west coast wanderlusters could throw at us.

First major difference from Wanderlust, VT?  The SUN!  We could actually see the fantastically gorgeous mountains (the peaks still capped with snow) and there was absolutely no rain in sight. Score 1 for Tahoe.

Since we made the choice to snuggle up on our Hugger Mugger gear and yoga in our dreams, once we stepped outside it was time for the evening’s shenanigans. We caught some of Jai Uttal’s set at the mainstage and then enjoyed a bit o’ Marley with The Wailers reggaing into the night.

We also caught the world premiere of the highly anticipated, or at least somewhat fussed over, Yogawoman doc. It was quite literally the first time anyone outside of the production team had seen it (the final edit was just completed on Wednesday morning and flown in from Australia, along with the producers).

How was the film? Overall, interesting, largely impressive and also stating the obvious. Impressive because 1. Annette Bening is narrating, and Annette Bening is one of the coolest kooky cats there is, hands down. 2. Every yoga lady from Shiva Rea to Seane Corn to Colleen Saidman to Angela Farmer to Judith Hanson Lasater was included in the film. Inspiring because there were quotes like, “Something about the practice of asana gives you the courage to be out in the world as you are,” by Patricia Walden, and highlighting of the work by yoga orgs like  Off the Mat, Africa Yoga Project and the Art of Yoga Project gave us the warm fuzzies. And yes, stating the obvious, that yoga is a billion dollar business worldwide and that women helped to make it so. Four syllables, lululemon.

They also point out how women embracing the once men-only practice has revolutionized the heart of yoga, and has helped to fold what we do on the mat into our daily lives, while also improving self-image, and allowing space for self-discovery and self-care. (shout out to the ladies #365yoga.)

Do we recommend seeing the film? Sure. You might want to bring your closest female friend, a snuggie and an open heart. It’s all about the love, ladies.  Bonus: We kinda reveled in seeing luminaries like Patricia Walden share their stories of how yoga changed their lives, and how women changed yoga. (ps. the film does not present itself as the segregating female power ‘step off fellas, yoga’s for ladies!’ vibe the trailer seemed to convey. We believe the intention of the film was to unite, not to divide the community.)

<insert “Reading Rainbow” dun dun dunt >

Perhaps the most fascinating thing here at Wanderlust Cali is the crowd. And what a motley crew it is. There’s certainly a majority of slendor females ages 24-34 with hair feathers and hoops seeming to swing incessently around their hips, but there’s also a fair share of yoga dudes, kids, 50+s and dogs.

The hippies are different this side of the mountain for sure.

Overheard at Wanderlust: “Can you tell me where the meditation dome is?”

More recaps and photos to come!



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  • Yogis!! Vision never restricted for few places but thet want where and when they can perform their task with full swing because yogis having the power to kept himself alive from all wrong activities and environment.

  • Celene

    Can anyone explain why Wanderlust was only in Chicago for a half-day and in these other locations for 2 to 4 days? (And of course it wound up being one of the hottest days of the year – not a great time for a completely outdoor venue, though they aren’t responsible for that.)

    • jagawatt

      maybe cause it rains in Chicago

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