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Ultimate Guide to the 7 Chakras (Infographic)

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YogaDork Chakra Chart

The chakras are kind of like the sweet spots of yoga: a rainbow of fruit flavors that are magically delicious!  If you caught those references you had way too much sugar and/or TV growing up in the 80s. Here we have the Ultimate Chakra Chart, once again from the talented, puzzle-solving mind of Alison Hinks. Luckily for us, the mysterious subtleties of the 7 main chakras are displayed in succinct and comprehensive edible ROY G BIV bites.

Silly rabbit, infographix are for yogadorks! Er…yeah.

Click to enlarge or download the PDF here. (right-click, save-as)

Note: best viewed LARGE.



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  • Thanks for this – looks fantastic. Unfortunately, the PDF seems to be damaged. Could you take a look and reupload? Thanks again!

  • Alison – I love your graphics! Do you have full size posters for sale? The Chakra poster is too small to read at 8 1/2″ x 11″



  • m. cherry

    i couldn’t get the pdf to load. nice chart!

    • YD

      should be fixed now if you try again 🙂
      (if not, please let me know!)

  • Heather

    If you click on the link to Alison Hinks website you can download the pdf of the infographic there as well as some other cool ones.

  • Thanks Heather – and Alison!

  • I am learning about the chakra system and realizing how important it is to our well being to have a good balance. This is a great resource. Thanks!!

  • Your infographics are very nice. Thank you!

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