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Stanley Cup MVP Tim Thomas Talks Yoga and Hockey, and Shows Us (video)

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Another for the ‘Yoga’s Not For Wussies File’…
Tim Thomas Boston Bruins Yoga“I also did some yoga, which sounds kind of funny. I actually didn’t know how much it was going to help, but it helps balance out your body. They try to find weaknesses in your body and work on them so they catch up with the rest of your body.” At 37 years old, Boston Bruins goalie and Stanley Cup Champion, Tim Thomas, explains how he keeps the pucks in line.

“Your body is more balanced overall in terms of both flexibility and strength. A lot of the techniques have to do with balance. Not that I think my balance was bad, but it certainly is better now,” says Thomas, a recipient of the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP and recent winner of two ESPY’s from ESPN for top NHL player and top championship performance. Not bad!

And there’s a video!

ps. we’ll never get how yoga makes anyone look any “sillier” than hockey uniforms and goalie stretch armstronging already does. c’est la yoga.

[Via NBC Sports]



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