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Pop Star Pink’s Baby Yoga Trouble

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First order of business, rose-colored pop star and aerial artist, Pink, had a baby! Her name is Willow Sage. Congrats!

Pink Carey Hart Willow Sage Baby

And then she tried to take little Willow to yoga. It seems the two are inseparable, but maybe mama’s girl is “trouble” just like her mama. Or perhaps baby Willow just wanted to “get the party started” because she’s effin’ “perfect!” Er, she’s not a “stupid girl” and wanted her own baby mat? OK, we’re done.

That Willow. You can dress her up, but you can’t take her out.

Would you bring your baby to class with you?*

*clarification: to an adult OR mommy & me. we don’t know which Mizz Pink had attended.



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  • annie

    Nope, no babies in yoga. No downdog for her, or for anyone else either, because Mz Privleg decided that she’s rich and powerful enough to screw up everyone elses yoga class with her AMAAAZING new baby.
    Really, it’s the studio owner’s/teacher’s responsibility. Unless Mz Pink was willing to pay for everyone elses class that day, she shouldn’t have been allowed to disrupt the class with her latest hit onsie.

    • Desirae

      I don’t see an issue with anyone bringing along their new born, whose going to sleep anyway, as long as if there is a disturbance, the parent and infant kindly leave.. I mean for all we know, it could be a private, closed session.. And P!nk isn’t like a lot of other celebs who flaunt their money and use it to gain power in the public..Her and Carey even donated ALL the money they got for Willow’s first pics to different childrens charities like Ronald McDonald House Charities and Autism Speaks.. I’m sure she would never purposely put people out for her own convenience.. just saying..

  • Missy

    Yes, I would if the teacher and studio are ok with it. Its worth a try. If the baby wakes and is disruptive, you leave – no biggie. Also, some studios have mom and baby classes, which are a lot of fun and no pressure.

  • Embee

    Would love a mom and baby class but I’d feel anxious bringing the little one (16 mos) to a normal class. She’d be too distracting for the other students.

  • Meri

    Unless it’s a Mum and Baby class, I wouldn’t be bringing my wee one to yoga. In my opinion, yoga should be more to do with yourself, your breath, your body and spirit, rather than your baby. But kudos to her for trying! I’m looking forward to seeing who this lil Willow baby turns into. Pink will make a great mom, I’m sure.


  • me

    Ohgawdz, another mom who thinks it’s all about her special snowflake. It’s like the idiots who brought their *toddler* to the HP&theDH show I was at on Friday night. Srsly??

  • Join a mummy&baby class. Regular classes may not be the place yet for a recently “been in labour” mum and definitely not for a 6 weeks old. think of all the mums for whom this class may be their only time away from kids….

  • Good on Pink for trying. I did the same with mine straight to the mums and bubs class for me as early as I could. There are very few precious moments to practice when you are a new mother and any opportunity for a yogi mother is a blessing. It is also devastatingly difficult to leave your new baby, particularly if breastfeeding. The instructor in my class was brilliant, she would cuddle and entertain babies while teaching to give the mums a chance to connect with their practice.

  • I Teach specialist classes of mother and baby yoga, this is a fantastic beautiful time for yoga, healing, bonding and calming. The classes cater for needs of mum and baby and integrated so baby isn’t left lying on the floor whilst mum practices. Care should be taken in recovery so no vigorous yoga practice in early days. But should a women on occasion walk into my regular classes with her baby, I wouldn’t turn her away, in a yoga spirit I would welcome the little one and encourage the other students to relish in the new life and joy of a baby can bring to a class, crying or not, it would remind them that yoga is more than just asana and also about patience and flexibility. Now Pink… find yourself a nurturing postnatal class!

  • I teach a mom and baby class just for this reason. I always tell moms that the only requirement is to be flexible….and I don’t mean physically! Try as we might, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes babies sleep and mom can move. Other times, babies just want to nurse or cry and be held. Then, we talk and/or incorporate baby into the movement. Many times, the company and the conversation are the best part. It is also fun watching the babies interact. I like to focus on a few key body parts to help moms get their bodies back.

  • Tamara

    I teach mom and baby classes with my own daughter so much fun and it is a great way for mom and baby to create an even tighter bond. Of course we start the class with all of the attention on our babes with massage, baby yoga and songs, then we move onto poses for mom and if their little one is ok with it we modify the pose so mom can pose with her little one, if baby is happier playing on her/his blanket then mom gets to focus on herself more ;0) I love attending mom and baby yoga as well as teaching it, my teenie yogini can even do her own downward dog and plank! But even the happiest babies have their days when they do not want to do the class and would rather have some quiet time with mommy, that is why mom and baby classes are great if your baby acts up nobody is disturbed by it because we all have our days .

  • Everyone loves to see babies, but I don’t think most of us go to a yoga class for exposure to babies. Mommy and Me type classes are designed for baby issues. Adult classes are for adults. Many students come to class for their own “alone” time, sans kids and partners and a baby is a distraction.

  • kia

    I teach a Mommy and Me class weekly and mamas start bringing them at 4 weeks. I usually wrangle really fussy babies who are not needing a change or feeding and hold or bounce them so mamas can get their downward dog on. Babes are generally cool the first 60 minutes before they meltdown – that is when we transition from the mama practice to the baby practice of infant massage and songs for the wee ones.

    Recently I took my 1 year-old to the early a.m. yoga at LOHAS forum. It was outdoors, we stayed way in the back, he hung out in a lion costume and played with the grass and ate berries on a mat next to me. I was prepared that if he got crazy we would have jetted quick as to not disturb everyone’s practice.

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