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YogaDork Giveaway! Win a $75 Beebliss Gift Certificate, Plus Other Goodies

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Beebliss logoIt’s July, it’s summer, it’s hot. We know! What else is there to do, but yoga and lounge about? (in your dreams) How about yoga-ing and lounging whilst shopping for new yoga gear on beebliss.com with your shiny new $75 gift card? (er , code, whatever. it’s the interweb era)

WIN: The lazy hazy days of summer have our giveaway dept on high alert. We’re excited for this next series offering YD readers a chance to win $75 bucks to spend on anything at beebliss.com (and we hear there’s already a 30% off sale on all Devi yoga bottoms, including mens).

Also, we said series, which means if you don’t win the big bucks there will be other opportunities throughout the week. Stay tuned! (hint: follow us on twitter @yogadork and facebook for first dibs)

HOW TO ENTER: Riddle us this, where’s your favorite location to practice yoga in the summer (outside in a park, on a surfboard, on the beach, in a nice air conditioned studio)?

Answer in the comments!

Additional entries:

NOTE: Entries will be accepted through 2pm EDT, July 20th, extended to July 21st, that’s tomorrow! One winner will be chosen at random and announced soon after.


Other Goodies: And congrats to Lisa S and Kate M for winning $20 gift certificates each!



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  • Ruth Dunkerly

    My favorite place is early in the AM while everything is waking, on my back deck that faces these beautiful woods! The sounds are delicious to the soul!

  • I like to practice in a cool, quiet studio. There’s nothing better than finding refuge from the summer heat and the way it heats people up. Surrounded by yogis, I find my bliss.

  • Lacy E.

    I live in Florida, so I find a hot class to be great, because it makes the outdoors feel cool after class.

  • At home. My love for yoga grew organically from the comfort of my apartment.. me, my cheapo mat and a few free YouTube videos. Months later, despite my near-daily Mysore practice at a studio, my home is still my favorite place to practice. <3

  • Liz

    in a warm (not hot) studio! just like in winter.

  • Isabel

    In the park, under the sun, at Yoga Rocks the Park with hundreds of other yogis!

  • My favorite place is my basement. Sure, it’s full of laundry and random woodworking paraphernalia, but it’s quiet and cool and gives me plenty of opportunities to resist distractions.

  • Lynn

    Upside down with my toes in the sky!

  • Heather

    My favorite place is my yoga room early in the morning (6am). I just got a new Saraswati print (glittery) that will help focus my attentions!

  • Ashley

    At home with the balcony door open, letting the breeze in and allowing me to overlook a good portion of my beautiful city, San Francisco.

  • On the banks of the Connecticut River warming up my shoulders before hoping into a kayak to paddle around looking for bald eagles.

  • Ami

    My patio where it is nice and warm but yet shaded. It is nice to breath in the fresh air while doing asanas. 🙂

  • Carrie

    I’ve been practicing at the park this summer. I go pretty early before there are many people out and it is so quiet. I have really been enjoying it!

  • MegP4

    My bedroom, 6AM. Good times.

  • I live in Arizona, so it’s a rare chance to be able to practice outside. However, I found gem of a practice once a month during the full moon called Lunar Lotus Yoga! We practice outside of the city (Phoenix) in a beautiful little western town called Cave Creek. We are surrounded by saguaros and rolling mountains. As we move through our sun salutations at sunset we embrace the sun and open up to receive the moon as it rises. Stars start to appear as the night darkens and our practice twinkles with it. I close out the practice with an open eyed savasana looking into the space of the world above. It’s my favorite summer practice outside 🙂

  • Although it is currently winter where I am living, I am dreaming of summer and all the wonderful places to practice. I love to practice wherever I can get a group of people together in the summer, and because my yoga practice intensified in Arizona, that usually means indoors. But I prefer early-morning in the park with a small group of close friends as the city begins to awaken. There is nothing better!

  • At Tamarama Surf Club in Bondi Beach, Australia. Beautiful view of ocean, nice floors, perfect temperature!

  • I like to practice at home. I can take my time and really focus on the poses and it’s free!!

  • 🙂 I live in the Northwest. It’s not hot. In fact we almost reached 70 today. Tonight will be my first night doing yoga at a local park. 🙂 It should be fun. Hopefully it won’t be cold.

    • YD

      The Northwest is awesome! We just sped through there on the crazy YD roadtrip.

      Oh and also, YOU WON! Congrats!!

      woohoo 🙂

  • Angela

    On the Great Lawn at Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park with hundreds of other yogis!

  • Dominique Bilodeau

    In the park but good old air conditioning in a studio is good too!

  • Outside in a park with the sun shining!

  • jen

    in the park, for sure!!

  • Sondra Bloxam

    My favorite place to practice yoga is side by side my fellow yogis at my local hot yoga studio. The studio fills will ocean breathing and sweet sweaty vinyasa flow. The cold lavender towels after class embrace my practice and bring everything back to hearts center 🙂

  • Liz

    My favorite summertime place to practice is outside on the grass (in the shade). Parks and forests are the best 🙂

  • Chris

    In a (sometimes) air-conditioned studio with a nice view of some trees, but the main attraction is that my favorite teacher and friends are there.

  • Therese

    Air conditioning for sure! I like to do yoga in the evenings while I watch television.

  • Jen

    Yoga Rocks the Park in Denver … an amazing community experience …. . http://www.yogarocksthepark.com

  • Amanda

    My favorite place to practice is at home with some nice incense burning. I love it!

  • Samantha

    Imagine being in a hot sauna-like room with foggy windows surrounding you, the sun struggling to shine through the wet glass and meditation music playing in the background – This is my favorite place to practice yoga. Pure positive energy radiates.

  • kelly s

    i don’t mind the grass, but i sure do love the studio. or my dining room. is that weird? i love nature, but also like the quiet of being indoors.

  • Sarah

    I definitely enjoy practicing outside during the summer, but it’s usually too hot here (DC). I love practicing at my studio in the summer- it gets so hot and humid inside that stepping outside after class into the 90 degree heat actually feels refreshing.

  • Cool giveaway! My fave place to practice: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoga-to-the-People-Brooklyn/193161170713042

    I grew up in heat and humidity and am definitely not a hot yoga girl =)

  • Embee

    5 am on my back deck (holla Ruth D!) listening to the birds wake up.

  • Suki

    For the first time this year I did yoga on the beach in the middle of the night. There was a full moon, I went out by the water. There was no one around but me. All I could hear was the sound of the crashing waves and, occasionally, the odd ghost crab. It was complete bliss.

  • I’m a Bikram teacher and I like being at the studio all year round…. but for real fun, I love to get out to the beach and practice postures in the sand! I’m so much more fearless on soft sand – I got much better at dropping back into wheel when I practiced it on the beach, and now I want to spend more time with handstands!

  • At home with the windows open!

  • brooke

    there’s nothing like practicing outside. i don’t care where, i don’t care when, but if i’m out breathing clean air and feeling the breeze on my skin, it’s GOOD.

  • Robyn

    I love practicing in a hot studio; lately the humidity and heat is so high that practicing outside would probably be similar!!!

  • Deanna G.

    Air conditioned studio! 🙂

  • In a hot studio so when you come back outside, it won’t feel so hot.

    Also, I stepped on a wasp once whilst practicing in my parents garden. Nature and me, not such great pals.

  • yvonne

    My favorite place (outside of the studio) is at home, in the nice, cool, shaded attic!

  • At the tops of the rocky cliffs on the coast of Mount Desert Island, Maine, in Acadia National Park, where my family vacationed for 8 days! Big waves crashing underneath, big blue sky, big blue sea — no mat needed.

  • Blissful Girl

    In my sun room, with all the windows open and the ceiling fan spinning. My favorite music playing. I’m surrounded by living creatures outside, birds, ground hogs, bunnies, trees, and our garden.

  • Stephanie

    My favorite place for summer time yoga is in a park that overlooks Lake Michigan.

  • Kimba Carvalho

    In my air conditioned bedroom

  • Sarah

    I keep to my normal yoga routine in summer: hot yoga paired with a home practice in ac; but my favorite place to practice in summer is the ocean – it’s fun to play around with poses in the waves 🙂

  • Sunshine

    In a not overly air-conditioned studio (Gacred Garden Yoga in Marietta, GA) 🙂

  • In my backyard early in the morning before the sun is sizzling with too much intensity.

  • gena

    grass by the riverside in my neighborhood

  • Julie

    Slightly air conditioned studio all the way. I thought I’d love practicing on the beach next to water, but the sand. It just gets everywhere! Familiar faces, favorite teacher – the studio is just the spot for me.

  • For a regular practice, my studio. When I’m out in the mountains, find me a flat rock that I have to climb to early in the morning and I will be up there doing my sun salutations 🙂

  • Arrie

    Anywhere and everywhere! Summer is a great time to explore and travel!

  • Le

    Outside in the shade with a nice breeze….Any location is good as long as you can hear and see nature, not cars!

  • Gretchen

    my favorite place in the summertime is where the sun shine finds me, the wood floor grounds me, and the windows surround me in abundance.

  • Kristin

    I love practicing first thing in the morning in the park just by my house!

  • NCDan

    In the predawn darkness on my screened porch. The darkness slowly turns to light as my part of the world wakes up.

  • Early morning practice in my empty dining room (for the wood floors) with the back door open to let in the cool morning air. Also on my patio in the midday sun.

  • Samantha

    I love practicing yoga on my back deck that is beautifully shaded by oak trees.

  • Kira

    Right now I am nannying in a house with a wraparound deck. One corner is fully shaded, bordered by flower-full bushes, and looks out onto the fields of a neighboring farm. Summer practicing perfection!

  • Tali

    My patio in the morning. I have an eastern exposure and there is nothing like doing sun salutations when the sun is just waking up to greet you.

  • I like to ride my bike down to the lake and do yoga there. I watch the geese, the swallows, the groundhogs, and even the little weasels and I am inspired by each of them. It’s so calm & peaceful which makes it my favorite place to do yoga, and quite possibly, my favorite place in the world.

  • sarah

    In my backyard in the evening. Cool weather, babbling brook and green grass.

  • Rebecca

    In the middle of Boston Commons, next to some beautiful flowers, on an 80 degree day, with a cooling breeze swirling around in the background… bliss

  • Shayla

    In my open-air studio looking over the water

  • Claire

    In the summer nothing beats playing around with poses in the pool!

  • Jean

    On my nice and shady deck overlooking the forest
    And river (this is my dream deck)

  • favorite place to practice yoga in the summer? naked in my room. (but with underwear, of course.) i love yoga outside, but my pitta just can’t take the heat. so i don’t push it, which is what the yogi gods would advise.

  • Hillary

    In my heated home studio as usual. The heat inside is always hotter then the heat outside and that works for me.

  • Even though I prefer to do yoga outside in a nice park, during the summer I would have to say my preference is a very nicely air conditioned indoor studio. I live in Phoenix, AZ in the desert so it gets up to 116 degrees for our three months of summer. Yikes I know-AC is a must-LOL :-).

    Hoi Sum

  • Yogini5

    I like to do yoga in the park. I had not group-exercised ~gasp~ in an outdoor public place with the prospect of strangers looking on, in 22 years. I had been soooo scared before this past Saturday. My teacher cured me of that topophobia real fast.

    Of course, it helped that it was a mild class that allowed for the slight incline of the shaded grassy field and the absence of available props …. [let’s hear it for led classes that are grounded in reality …!]

    I also favor doing yoga in my apartment, with the air conditioner on at only half-blast.

  • Sun salutes in the sand with no overhead blocking the sun, a wide open sky over the sea and waves set a soothing soundtrack. No mat. Digging my toes and hands into the sand help to ignite core balance and strength in my limbs. The sand gives a lovely exfoliation too. Finish off with a headstand gazing at the water I’m about to jump in!

  • Tabitha

    privacy of my backyard, specifically in my herb/veggie garden with the bees and dragonflies buzzing around me

  • Gina

    I like to do yoga in a nice HOT studio in the summer – and in the winter, spring, and fall, too! 🙂

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