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Epic Ashtanga Yoga Confluence March 2012, Not Your Regular Yoga Festival – Registration Open

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Not to be outdone by the peace lovin’ yoga festivus circuit, the Ashtanga community is joining together for their very own yoga showdown. And none of you yella bellied posers are invited! Just kidding, they didn’t actually say that.

They did, however, make sure we’re clear this is not a “festival” necessitating fire eaters on stilts. Nor is it a “conference.” No, it’s a confluence. There’s a difference! (if you think we’re being cheeky, check the official asterisked notation “*con·flu·ence [kon-floo-uhns] noun: A flowing together of two or more streams. An act or process of merging. A coming together of people or things.”)

Whatever you call it, the “coming together” will be held at Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa in San Diego March 2012 and the lineup is pretty ridic: 4 sequence-filled days with Richard Freeman, Nancy Gilgoff, Tim Miller, David Swenson and Eddie Stern.

Rumor has it Ashtangis are flipping their dogs* to get tickets so you might want to sign up soon. There’s even a “Confluence Countdown” (countdown clock coming soon)

More info at AshtangaYogaConfluence.com

* not really, that’d just be silly, wouldn’t it Ashtangidorks?

“All is coming…are you?” Yep, they went there. Will you? Ah, haha.



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  • Yo, this conference needs flava. Curry flava, Mysore style. Where’s my homey Sharath at?

    • We invited Sharath to come but he is busy in Mysore at that time. We’re hoping to have another one in the future when he is able to come. We may be having a Saraswati appearance at the Opening Ceremony – will keep you posted! Namaste!

  • Correct. No dog-flipping at the Confluence. However, there may be mind-blowing.

  • Oh no, they didn’t! And, oh, Mysore abs from laughing at your post! No need for Paripurna Navasana today.

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