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TWIY: Yoga in the Navy, World Cup, ‘What’s Your Yoga’ Quiz, Plus Giveaway Winner!

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Carmageddon KarmageddonSchnitzel sticks. So the USA didn’t win the World Cup against Japan in Germany on Sunday, and something called Carmageddon had Los Angelenos stopping dead in their tracks foreseeing the end of the world as we know it, or at least just for the weekend. Alas, we’re all still alive, free to clog the highways once again! (we wouldn’t know about that in NYC with our magic underground silver bullets and all. ahem.) Really though, the cyclists sure put on a showing of pluck and defiance, making headlines for beating a Jet Blue flight from Burbank to Long Beach and promptly making the airline a little red in the cockpit. Oh! Ingenuity, people. Those Cali folks, always making lemon pucker faces at corporate big shots with the lemons. Or is that raspberries?

In any case, congrats Japan! Way to go first time ’round. Hugs.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

WINNER ANNOUNCED! Congrats to the winner of the latest YD Giveaway: a case of Amy & Brian Coconut Juice. Find out who won.

ps. It’s official, we’re doing it. YD is hitting the road! Read about our journey West and tell us where we should stop for yoga on our adventure to and around Wanderlust Tahoe. Why did the yogadorks cross the country? The Great American YogaDork Road Trip

photo cred: Mark Boster, LA Times



This Week In Yoga: Keep Cool with Coco Juice Giveaway, Power of the Yoga Schwartz

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