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This Week In Yoga: Keep Cool with Coco Juice Giveaway, Power of the Yoga Schwartz

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Spaceballs yoga shortsOh dear, just a few days until THE END. Of the Harry Potter sensational series that is! The final episode shall arrive in theaters this weekend, but ’tis never the end to the magic! If HP is as great as every wide-eyed kid absorbed in the hype, mystical creatures and wizardry thinks it is we can only hope it will succeed with as much memorabilia as the epic Star Wars franchise or even come close to the fantastic classic scenes of Spaceballs. And if not, the fans always have the magical world of Anusara Village!

Huh? Keep reading. And for yogurt’s sake, may the shorts be with you! We’re looking at you, Emma Watson.

Here’s What Happened This Week in Yoga:

Hey! It’s hot! At least it is where there’s summer, and that’s where we’re giving away a case of Amy & Brian’s coconut juice. Cool down and drink up! Or, enter here first to win.

Oh hey, YD is hitting the road! We’re still solidifying plans, and quite honestly still stitching things together like Betsy Ross and the grand ‘ol American flag. Which is only fitting, since this is the Great American YogaDork Road Trip! We’ll be blogging our journey from the open highway. Curious? Want us to visit your town? Want to help us get cross country? Check it out!

The Great American YogaDork Road Trip – We Need Your Help!

Photographer J.T. Liss will be on the road with YD snapping photos and shooting video. We’re proud to tell youthat 25% of every photo sold from the trip will benefit Off the Mat. Yay!

Are you in NYC? You should know about:



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  • Just watched the Whole Foods Parking lot Rap – I laughed out loud! I may be from Canada but i love Whole Foods have been to many throughout the US – actually only bee to a few in Canada!

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