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YogaDork Giveaway! Thirsty? Win a Case of Amy and Brian Coconut Juice

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It’s summer! You know how we know? Our skin has taken on consistent spritzer mode and our face has that familiar hot-yoga flushed, shiny sweat gleam. ALL THE TIME. Beauteous! But we shall take measures to mightily conquer the heat and quench our thirst! What’s the perfect summertime refresher and replenesher? Coconut water! And we’re giving some away.

Amy and Brian Coconut JuiceWIN: A case of Amy & Brian Coconut Juice tallboy cans. Yum.  The juice, aka water, of coconuts provides lots of potassium and electrolytes to replenish your body and keep you hydrated. Bonus: Amy & Brian Coconut Juice is made from the water of young coconuts, and doesn’t contain added sugar or artificial additives.

ENTER: Yes it’s hot! In this season of sticky-asana, what do you do to power down? In the comments, tell us what practice – asana, pranayama, meditation, ice bath, stand in front of refrigerator-asana etc – helps to keep you cool.

Additional entries:

NOTE: Entries will be accepted through July 15th, midnight EDT. One winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday, July 18th. Sorry to some YD-ers, this giveaway is only open to residents of the continental US.

Good luck! And stay hydrated!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congrats to Veronica!

Thanks so much to everyone for sharing your coolness tips and tricks. Keep chillin’.



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  • yvonne

    I stay cool by running the fans and not moving around the house much. If things get really sticky, it’s lying on the hardwood floors!

  • Cynthia

    river tubasana!

  • I heat up from the inside out with some Pranayama (bhastrika, breath of fire and a little skull shining). Then I chant to Shiva and Ganesha on my mala to cool it all down. Swaha!

  • If I’m running, carrying a frozen water bottle. For yoga, a good yin practice with the fans on!

  • Anthony

    I head for the cool air that hovers near the floor (via savasana) after a a rigorous and heat producing Vinyasa practice.

  • Ted

    shower so cold it takes your breath away

  • Molly

    The cooling sitali pranayama practice helps a lot along with lots of yin.

  • cold shower, or a frozen treat!

  • Jenn

    Frozen water bottle and/or ice cream!!

  • Valerie R.

    Meditation spread out on the bathroom floor and of course some Amy & Brian Coconut juice!

  • Therese

    I stand in the cold room for a few minutes after I walk to work (I work in a lab).

  • Meri

    I just walk around outside! Up here in the cold North, it’s always cool!


  • Wehaf


  • JeffreyD

    Malt liquor!

  • alisha

    i stay cool by meditating and taking cold showers, multiple times a day!

  • Sara P.

    Asana out on the deck in the evening!

  • Sarah

    Lots of water with my practice 🙂 and trying to be more active before the sun rises in the morning / after the sun sets help a lot too!

  • Becky

    Cold Green tea keeps me happy and cool! And sunsets…..

  • Monica

    City poolasana, or sometimes baby-pool-in-the-backyardasana!

  • kia

    frozen coconut popsicleasana

  • kia

    I posted on your facebook.

  • Slip n’ Slide vinyasa in the front yard.

  • Morgan

    I’ve got an ocean two blocks away from my work, so a quick dip in there at the end of the day does the trick!

  • Frances

    Cold showers first thing in the morning (before my still quite hot Ashtanga practice), followed by a cool Brian and Amy’s coconut juice (it’s my favorite of all the ones on the market and an absolute MUST after a sweaty practice). A quick pop in and out of a cold shower whenever I start to get cranky really does the trick.

  • stay indoors with AC and run electric fans, eat cold watermelon, stand in front of the fan etc.

  • I stay cool by performing shitali pranayama and by slathering with coconut oil after I shower in the morning. I also use cooling essential oils like mint and pine.

  • Jey

    I’m keeping it simple right now, doing my Yoga Butt on my telie and then I stand infront my freezer to cool off. It works out well! I heart coconut water so that would be really great too. :}

  • Yoga Nidra in a home infused with Freon-asana energy (lost my A/C for a few hours this week–Florida, July–and luckily I had a couple of Tall cans of Amy and Brian’s to keep me calm and cool while the repairs were being done!).

  • Whitney

    A great trick for those of you who blowdry your hair: blast some cool air from the blowdryer after youre done styling for a minute or two…it does wonders to cool yourself down on a hot day! Trust me…I’m a hairstylist 🙂

  • Shannon

    Teaching a great yoga class warms me up and focuses my mind so that I can truly feel centered and cooled down!

  • Amy

    I like it hot! but homemade lemonade while sipping that in malasana and breathing like the cool breeze. 🙂

  • Jessica w

    I stay cool by making vegan milkshakes since im a yogi that’s allergic to dairy. Also i love to take my practice to the cool tile floor and get in plenty of warrior poses. Strong stance makes me feel like i can take on any heat wave!

  • well, to be completely honest, i do yoga in a sports bra and underwear most of the time. (in my room…i’m not THAT scandalous).

    my usual “cool routine: taking a cool shower, with 1-2 minutes of cold “get me out of here” water at the end, and then following it up with a steady vinyasa flow in minimal clothing. it cools and calms quite effectively.

  • – Starting the day with 108 Sun Salutations to get the sweat out and get the energy flowing, followed by a cooling and calming session of Yoga Nidra.
    – Following an ayurvedic diet suitable for my dosha’s type (eating cooling easily digesting foods and drinks).
    – Smiling a lot at everyone around you =)
    – Keeping positive and instead of saying ‘Eow, it’s so bloody hot out there again, even my pants are sweating!lol) – say rather ‘Aw, what a lovely hot day, the Sun will bring so much goodness to my skin’…

  • Chris Eder

    Son of asana…I’m one day late! Any forgiveness in your heart?

  • YD

    Thank you all! We have a winner!

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