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Star Wars vs Harry Potter vs Anusara Yoga

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When we stumbled across this kick-ass side-by-side comp of Star Wars and Harry Potter, we couldn’t resist creating a yogic spin. And with all the “Friend” references, Anusara was parallelerrific. Now, whether you think yoga is kula, clique, or cult, you can still have a laugh whilst drinking Master Guru Yoda’s Kool-Aid of Oneness. Fear not, loves, he doesn’t serve grape.

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Star Wars vs Harry Potter vs Anusara


Lo, one of the rare few who has never watched Star Wars, is a writer who lives for mystery and intrigue. Her great yogic loves include Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini. She finds joy in the small things: rocking wellies year-round, cultivating her natural impishness, and writing bios in third person. Lo can often be found sipping Earl Grey tea while plotting world domination and resides at yisforyogini.com.



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  • Dayita

    “Master Guru Yoda’s Kool-Aid of Oneness”

    I am *so* going to launch that one at next year’s Hanuman fest!

  • dave kennedy

    Thanks, YD! It has been said “you are only as good as the company you keep” and this is surely “good” company ;~

  • this is surely one of those posts, if i don’t share it, the force’ll definitely not be with me 😉

    only category left out? box office returns 😉

  • O M G. Awesome.


  • so where’s that darn +1 button???

  • holy crap, this is hilarious! i especially love “the special ability” pics. nicely done!

  • i’m still laughing… beautiful the power to move without touching.

  • James

    This is great! I also saw a video on the subject of Harry Potter and Yoga.. interesting.


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