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Tech Startups Boom with Recess and Yoga

in YD News

Fake mustache yoga dog

Tech is booming once again and so is the number of folks wishing they could work at an office with Foosball tables, indoor treehouses, beer on tap and air guitar contests. Such is the life in startup city where investors are billionaires, Ashton Kutcher and MC Hammer, and co-founders, shy of 30, make it a point to have fun at work. What a concept! Take Airbnb for example, an internet startup, that hosts (fake)Mustache Mondays, Yoga Tuesdays and Thursday Recess* involving company-wide kickball. That’s right, fun! But yoga only once a week you say?** It’s true.

You can keep your ‘rock room’ Dropbox, and Mushroom Dome treehouse Airbnb. And hoodies to board meetings? pfft. We’ve got yoga pants!

Read the rest of the article, and try not to kick yourself under your cubicle.

*noted: School Recess Improves Behavior [New York Times]

**we actually think any yoga in the office is pretty freakin’ awesome, especially in the tech industry.




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  • PhilippineYogi

    – the dogs a boston terrier

    – once a week yoga is not enough

    – so much happening in the tech industry

    – how can I google+ this article?

  • We do yoga in the office! Yoga while traveling, and yoga everywhere!

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