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This Week In Yoga: Om of the Brave and Star Spangled Gaga

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Hot Dog Eating Contest 4th of July, 2011 Joey Chestnut

Happy Independence Day, America! And every one else! Can’t we all celebrate independence and freedom? Why of course we can. Freedom from anxiety, freedom from stress, from fear, from attachment. Freedom from being annoyed by thrifters, bless their hearts, taking too long in the supermarket checkout line because the hot dogs they picked up aren’t the ones on sale and Nathan’s forbid they spring for the extra $.70 on America’s birthday, and dang it, who forgot the pickles? Ah, FREEDOM!

Speaking of free flying liberties, folks are blowing their fuses over Lady Gaga in her Yogi ‘n Lace spangled getup, but can’t we at least be relieved she didn’t go firework spewing bra a la Katy Perry?* (or, you know, the machine gun eyepopping gear). Express yourself, just don’t burn any houses down. (That goes for all you liberty loving pyros)

Katy Perry Firework

Welp, whether you’re donning your red, white and blue for patriotic reasons or you just look super fantastic in stars and stripes, grab those extra buns for your dogs (those superfluous buns!) and enjoy yourself, your loved ones, and the fact that you’re free to breathe the air you breathe and live the life you lead. Even if that involves downing 62 hot dogs to win the mustard belt in Coney Island. Congrats again Joey Chestnut. Cheers!

*we apologize in advance for any induced ‘firework’ ear worms.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

This WIY brought to you by The Boss! YogaTuning: These Are Better Days, Baby

Celebriyogidom lit up like a sparkler this week:

If you’re still following this creepin’ crap.  Shit Gets Weirder: Porta-Potty Peeper Blessed By Yogi Energy

Rounding out with the land of the  #365Yoga – Day 169: Recipe for Moderation by Leeann Carey

And the Om of the Brave What Does Aum (Om) Mean To You? Infographic

ps. NYC Yoga Training: Teaching Those At-Risk with Hala Kouri, 10% Off for YD Readers


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  • Isn’t freedom grand! Think about all the lives sacrificed for our precious freedom so people like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are free to act however they so desire. God Bless America!

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