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Now THIS is What We Expect Lady Gaga to Wear to Yoga (photos)

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Breaking! Cher and Prince have mated and conceived a spawn of yoga!

Lady Gaga Yoga Glitz

Here she is, the black widow of yoga pop, Lady Gaga visiting Pure Yoga in Taipai, Taiwan the other day in what is obviously the most appropriate Gaga-ish yoga attire we’ve ever seen. Finally! We knew those Bikram undies wouldn’t last. And it’s eons better than the alien pilgrim ensemble.

Gaga doesn’t skip out on her yoga practice while touring, and apparently she doesn’t skip out on an opportunity to flash her outrageously glitztastic gawk-worthy getup. We kinda love the light/dark reincarnation of Cruella de Vil with a jazzed up Manduka look.* Shiva Shakti, baby.

Does that gold bling come with a shoulder strap?

*though, admittedly, we’d love to see her in one of these.

More photos below for the full head to clodhopping toe effect.

[Daily Mail UK]



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  • mark laporta

    By way of a compliment:
    Yeah, you’re definitely a dork.
    (And I will buy one of your tee-shirts. )
    HOWEVER, whatever the lady’s motivation for dressing in persona, it’s not about yoga, and it makes me lose interest in your ability or discretion — to assess ahimsa, asteya, aparagriha ( I often mis-spell that one), saucha, at least.
    Being a dork is one thing, being a papparazzo/gossip is another. Kindly refrain.
    Unless you’re in it for money or glory, of course, in which case let me (us?) know now so I can cancel my subscription.
    Back to Sattya.
    Got it?

    PS>> WWIS?

    • admin

      Lady Gaga+pop+yoga=yogapop culture+paparazzi=fun+interesting/ridiculous/cheeky commentary=yogadork.com

      • i was kinda wondering a bit along the line of mark’s remarks 😉 above, though figured the humor element had to be the tipping (worthwhile) element, so glad you answered so well 😉

  • annie

    Note to the blog Editor: be careful with the use of apostrophes. They are tricky. I assume you meant to say that “Lady Gaga Yogas This Way” using Yoga as a verb by adding an “s” but what you ended up saying by using the apostrophe was “Lady Gaga Yoga’s This Way” meaning “Yoga IS this way Lady Gaga” adding a directional quality to the title. I know that you wanted to do something with that “s” to acknowledge that it doesn’t really belong there, but if you’re going to use a noun as a verb you just have to accept that it isn’t right and do it anyway. Maybe with brackets or a dash, though those make for a cluttered look. Peace.

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