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What Does Aum (Om) Mean To You? Infographic

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We at YD love infographics! Almost as much as we love yoga, which means we’re giddier than a kundalini at a gong fest when the two come together.

Here, we are provided a moment to ponder the meaning of AUM and thanks to Alison Hinks, are given a visualization of its vibrational layers.

Click to enlarge, or download the pdf here

What does AUM (OM) mean to you?



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  • The AUM is a sacred sound which is actually the word of God. It is the sound of Creation. I only ever talk of it by individually saying the letters that make it up: A-U-M. I have been taught that is the appropriate way to speak of it rather than pronouncing it as one word. I believe it should be treated with respect and spoken of only in serious conversation. These days people throw this word about very casually but it is something not to be treated lightly. It is worthy of all of our contemplation. It is not a topic to discuss after a few beers on a Friday night.

    • Sam

      Julian: actually it is supposedly the sound of the universe. But who knows, right?
      Just remember, not everyone engaged in yoga is a monotheist (or even polytheist). It’s helpful to remind yourself of this when you hear people using the word differently than you. For some people it is indeed a topic for discussion after beers!

  • Ali

    Hey Lady, thanks a ton! Glad I found someone who loves the infographics as much as me! 🙂

    • i think i come in third place here for loving alison’s infographics! they are cute, educational and clever ~ a winning combo. more more more!

      • Ali

        Aw, thank you Roseanne!!! What do you want to see next??

  • Chris

    Right on, Julian, you are perfectly correct !

    Aum is some very deep-stuff, is at the very core of the ancient Hindu Vedic knowledge, and is to be approached with reverence and humility, much like the science of Yoga itself.

    It is likewise true that the Hindu science of Yoga calls upon its students to be vegetarian, as the concept of Ahimsa (non-violence) which is central to the science of Yoga, proscribes violence towards any defenceless creature.

    However, Yoga’s requirement from its students of being vegetarian has been conveniently ignored, by those who would like to have their cake and eat it too ( It boils down to : You can’t have your Mat AND your Meat, you can’t violate the principle of Ahimsa, and still aspire to become a Yogi). These people are sadly missing out on the Joys of being vegetarian, and are blemishing their Karma, while taking an unnecessary detour on the straight-path to Yogihood.

    Every discipline requires of its students the adherence to certain core values. This is true for any of the Martial-Arts like Kung-fu, Karate, Tae-kwan-do, etc. And just so does the Science of Yoga require vegetarianism ( Ahimsa) from its students.

    Yoga is thus no more dogmatic than any of the well-known martial-arts.

  • OM is the fog horn that guides us through life.

  • Meri

    I was taught that OM, or AUM is the original vibration. Which of course relates to creation but how can we know? Maybe all we are is vibrations, all we are is Om?


  • I wrote a blog post on The Mantra of Om (aum) a while back. here’s the link…


    OM is the sound of universe,vibration of space,or vibration of aircraft

  • Cher

    Great Graphic

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