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Jason Bateman and David Letterman Talk Yoga Hell (video)

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“I started at a very early age doing yoga because my father was very big on it and I was still too young to outrun him.” Jason Bateman: TV Star, movie actor, apparent child yoga prodigy.

Bateman tells David Letterman about his young days of 105 degree yoga hell.

“What Bikram’s hook is he turns up the heat so high in his studio that if you were confused that you were in hell he makes it very very clear.”

And we have photo evidence! Looks like his sis Justine was in on the hotness as well.

Must have been great prep for his close encounters with the yoga fire in 2009’s Couples Retreat.

We find it incredibly fascinating that yoga is so hip and pop these days that it’s become a talking point on late night couches. Though we confess we’re sorely disappointed in the lack of demonstration! Come on, guys!

Talk Show hall of fame:

Who’s next? Here’s looking at you Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon!



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  • this post just made me giggle. jason bateman’s expression at the tail end of the clip was priceless.

  • Did anyone else notice that in that photo, Bikram looks a bit like Chevvy Chase? How cute are the wee Batemans though!

  • mark laporta

    A yoga proponent who advocates public demonstration — are you serious ? — loses a bit of respectability.
    Yoga is not for show. That’s “fakir”, not yogi.
    Nest Pass?

  • “i don’t really know that pose” – now i have my perfect line 😉

  • jasan batemen rocks. couples retreat was hilarious. thanks for the smile!

  • Boom boom boom!

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