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Wanderlust Fest Day 4: We Came We Chai’d We Krishna Das’d

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You may have already read about our chai obsession, and thereby regular Krishna Kitchen visits for their delectable vegan chai-ness and other yummy goods. By Day 4, we could see the flicker of concern in their eyes that our blood type could very well have turned to cardamom.

If this weekend of yoga festivus had a theme song it had to be this:

Originally by Ziggy Marley, but so deftly interpreted by an 80s-ish Albert Hammond for our distinctive purposes. Maybe it’s because we kept humming it the whole time or maybe it’s because Michael Franti is so damn full of love and sunshine he conjured up the ultimate feelgood tune from the deepest depths of our childhood memories. Or maybe it’s because John Friend was all about “blowing the top of our heads off” with his final class of the fest themed around the Solstice.

Or perhaps it was the mesmerizing tremble of Krishna Das‘s chanting tones that brought us to the ultimate state of whoo boy, that was a long 3 days of yoga hullabaloo, let’s all hug each other!

Day 4 brought people zonked and wonky from Franti contact highs, and a hush fell over the village. It was sort of like we’d all gone through the most vigorous power asana session ever, got pelted with rain and wind, intoxicated by the kul-aid and were finally approaching savasana.

Oh it was a scene all right. But where there could have certainly been an ick factor with over-pushy vendors and commercialialty, like with other events, conferences, etc., they somehow managed to pull off the sense of everything operating as one big community. Perhaps we can blame that on the rain and the prevailing spirit of fest organizers who were going to pull this thing off come hell or high water, literally. Of course, a huge shout out goes to the awesome people of Stratton Mountain and everyone involved on the ground of Wanderlust. High five for being friendly, accommodating, and empathetic (they were all like ‘we know, the weather sucks. WTF. sorry! Please still like us.)

We don’t know what most folks expected coming to Wanderlust, but we imagine the majority left feeling pretty chipper. As Bryan Kest had so eloquently put it, we don’t need to be all about shining light and kundalini flying up our assholes, we can just be here for the experience.

What’s more…Suzanne Sterling is a #yogadork!

Also, gondola rides are pretty awesome.

As we wound our way round the winding roads heading back home we caught a glimpse of what Green Moutain sunshine is really like. We’ll see you again next year, VT.

Stay tuned for our W Fest weekend video recap.



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  • Jen

    Did Bryan Kest really say that??? So funny!

    • admin

      he did! he was full of hilarious oneliners 🙂

      • Jen

        Shit! I’m usin’ that one in tomorrow’s class for sure!

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