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Wanderlust Fest Day 3: Friend, Franti, Seane Corn Bring the Light, and Shooting Stars, Apparently

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First off, Seane Corn is a yogadork! We knew it all along, but how cool it was to chat with the lovely and empowered Jersey girl and give her one of our tanks. (full interview on the way).

On day 3, the festival had really gotten its bearings. And by this we mean it was in peak energy, attendance and outright loopiness. Or maybe that’s hoopiness. Since whenever folks decided hooping was to become part and parcel with yoga, it is now a staple of yogi-minded gatherings, along with those nimble acros who always seemed to cropping up in clusterbubbles of 2 or more around the grounds.

Also, a sure sign of a yoga gathering worth your prana: the slackers. Those daring devils balancing on slacklines, this time over a pond which had to have been all of 10 degrees below nipple-freezing. Sounds like fun, right!?

But people had long looked past the weather (which was still shitty, mind you) and immersed themselves in the experience. It’s cold? We’ll think sunshine. It’s wet? We’ll get wild and slip ‘n slide. For real. Even John Friend suggested we slither belly first down the hill in the rain. We had a chance to take J Fri’s “The Body’s Sacred Geometry” class at the big tent where we learned more about our own “optimal blueprint.”

Taking a class with John Friend is a bit like stepping foot into a laboratory full of 450 devoted specimen prepared to hang on every word and stare attentively at their lower legs with genuine curiosity and awe of their own inner spirals. This is Anusara y’all. Though there were hundreds in the tent, somehow we all managed to feel like one moving breathing organism buzzing on one vibrational So Hum. Yeah, it’s intense. (hang tight for the YD John Friend interview as well)

For a brief moment in the afternoon we caught a glimpse of what we’d been waiting for all weekend, the sun! It didn’t last long, but it was just enough to lift spirits and even some of the clouds, above our heads and in our heads all the same.

Though we enjoyed yoga edification and illumination, here’s an equation for you that sums up the highlight of Saturday night: Michael Franti+Seane Corn+Yogis ready to burst=AWESOME dance party! Franti and Corn teamed up for the Yoga Aid Challenge where yogis were asked to raise money for Off the Mat and come out for the music and yoga event, which was a total dancing yogi blowout replete with sing-a-longs and a Franti serenaded savasana.

*By the way, they have a new text option so if you’re so inclined you can text “OTM” to 20222 to donate $10.

The night closed out with a continued dance fest for Michael Franti and Spearhead at the main stage. The sky cleared up and yogis, danced and sang and toked under the stars. Though this guy IS the drug. Some even said they saw a shooting star gleaming across the sky. Party time.



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