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Wanderlust Fest Day 2: Magical, Mist-ical Collectible Consciousness (It’s Still Raining)

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We made it through Day 2! Yes it’s still raining, yes we’re still freezing and feeling the chill to our bones, and yes we are still having fun! Thanks to the cheery spirit of fellow fest goers and the heartwarming deliciousness of the Krishna Kitchen’s insanely delicious hot chai. Pratipaksha bhavanam, right?

So, Day 2was a little more crowded and a lot more yoga’d. Raghunath‘s “learn how to fly class” was more “learn how to be humble whilst still cranking it up a notch.. maybe,” full of handstand transitions, hopping up into ardha chandrasana and chin balancing. And everyone flew! Sorta.  This class was indoors, so at least our wings were free to fly sans rainslick.

Now to the important stuff. EATS. The food here is slim pickens, but there are enough Luna Bar samples to sway your half moon. There are also some fab “small fry” vendors here who still paid the whopping table fees, and are looking to greet the yogadork crowds. We spoke with Doug of Bum Bar, who’s a bit bummed about being moved inside sue to the rain, but is excited to just be a part of the fest and get some exposure. His vegan, gluten-free apricot bars and hemp delights (based on a chocolate cookie recipe) are fantastic.

Another great yogi brand, Karma Warrior, is tucked away upstairs where they relocated the rest of the vendors due to the mist-ical powers that be. Luckily, they’re right by the bar!

Karma Warrior Clothing is cool because they donate 12% of the profits to various yoga charities. This weekend the benefitting cause is Off the Mat, another major presence here at Wanderlust. Also, they have cute shirts.

Despite the weather, the day’s classes went swimmingly. Good since we were all sopping wet. YD ventured into fest co-founder Schuyler Grant’s class and had a lovely time flowing like honey. Ah.

The highlight of the evening was of course, DEEPAK! He spoke in front of the attentive yogi crowd for about an hour and a half about universal consciousness, neuroscience and how Stephen Hawking is wrong about God. He then led us into a 20 minute meditation, where silence fell over the crowd and we felt our heartbeat in our fingertips, our cheeks and our entire bodies. It was rather lovely, and we felt the connection, even to the bananas, which DC says we share 60% of our genes with. Monkey mind indeed.

He drove home the concept of ONE-ness and to our relief and delight, assured us that “technology is the extension of our entangled mind.” So when DC twitters, which he does incessantly, he’s actually twittering from a collective yogadork consciousness. Far out. (above photo cred: Gabe H. of Mantralogy)

Also, Andrew Bird played and whistled and fiddled his way into our hearts. Much fun.

The night closed with Yoga Side of the Moon featuring Anya Porter and her Breakti party, AND a late-nite dance party upstairs at the bar, where *gasp* yogis guzzled brews and shook their bhakti booties. These hippies can dance!

Stay tuned for highlights from Days 3 and 4, and our video recap coming soon, YD style.



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  • Dayita

    “These hippies can dance!”

    I’m thinking this makes it official. The hippies never really died off, they tuned into the worldwide yoga kula.

    Now where’s my tie-dyed #yogadork tank?

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