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Wanderlust Festival Vermont Day 1: Up in the Clouds, Shiny Soggy Yogis

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Ahoy! It’s YD coming to you from the mists of Hogwarts!

No it’s the rainy, foggy weather of Stratton Mountain, Vermont, the setting of the east coast’s very first Wanderlust Fest. And boy are we showing those West coasters what a real Wanderstock is like. Right about now we’re wishing we’d brought some extra layers and a poncho! Still things have kicked off to a soggy yet, enthusiastic start. Seane Corn was in good spirits as she began her detox flow class this morning. “Nothing is more purifying than rain,” I think she said. I can’t be entirely sure, I was huddled by the big tube heat blower thingy to stay warm.

We’d all been warned we might have to evacuate the Gaiam tent if thunder and lightning came to pay a call. Sure enough, just as we started to get moving, after rounds of Surya B, our sun saluting wasn’t enough. A clap of thunder. Groans. “Sorry everyone. We have to ask you to leave for your safety.”

Total bummer, but it’s fine with us to save poor Seane Corn from electrocution on stage. Though we hear the smell of fried yogis’ hair conjures notes of sage and patchouli.

So we didn’t get to full detox, but we did, thank goodness, cover the “international core sequence” as Seane called it, the knee to nose in plank routine, then hovering in forearm plank til our undercarriages are ready to plotz. Accomplishing that, we had begun the “cleansing” process that would come this weekend (“if we want to let it happen”).

Though the rain is still pouring down, there have been some adjustments to the schedule and it seems we are wanderlusting up in the clouds, we’re still hopeful for a bright and sunny bunch of shiny yogi faces as more festers trickle into town.

We’ll keep you posted!

ps. if you’re here in VT for wanderlust, keep your twitters peeled for #yogadork tank deals, giveaways, free stickers and magnets over the next few days. woohoo.



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    • Jennifer

      God is weeping at the exploitation and commercialization of her yoga.

    • Ahh, that last pic of the deserted Anusara Village is where my tent is/was. The one with the two chairs, yeah that’s me!! All the vendors are now over at the food co-op area. I’m upstairs at the Grizzly bar, come see me! And anyone else at Wanderlust:). Namaste! Love you Yoga dork!

    • Aw, that’s our deserted vendor tent, too! We’re the one on the bottom left of the pic with the side wall open. Poor buddy was under water before Day 1 even started!

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