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BKS Iyengar Says Ramdev ‘Short Cut’ Style Corrupting Yoga

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(above: BKS Iyengar hanging loose)

And then Iyengar says to Ramdev “knock it off with the kapalbhati peddling, compadre. Capice?!”

Actually, that’s not true. What BKS Iyengar did say on Tuesday, speaking to a group of Chinese yoga enthusiasts (in China), was that those who “sell programmes like kapalbhati” are basically corrupting Patanjali’s yoga.

The 93-year-old Guruji also said ‘over-publicizing of specific aspects like kapalbhati is wrong and is a “short-cut” best avoided.’

Though Iyengar didn’t call him out by name, it was pretty clear the reference was aimed at the pranayama-pushing heated one swathed in loin cloths of political turmoil.  Ramdev’s focus on pranayama is what helped him become so popular on his massively viewed TV shows. Apparently, not everyone finds his skull such a glow.*

*see kapalbhati: shining skull breath


  [Times of India]



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  • leave it to guys like iyengar and the dalai lama, at their ages, to say it!

    still think iyengar’s 18 minute dvd extra interview on “enlighten up!” is an eye opener to this guy’s humanity about yoga

  • lots of things corrupting yoga….so what else is new?

    does Ramdev knows everyone’s dosha intimately enough to prescribe kapalabhati for everyone?

    didn’t think so.

  • Shivanand Sharma

    What a great way to slam Ramdev when there was no reference to him? Lolz #paidmedia.

  • If the short-cut works for some people then whats wrong with that. But I agree that people must recognize that they are taking a short-cut and that there is another way, the right way, as well.

  • mark laporta

    Glad he said it; it means I’ve learned something.
    “Short-cuts” are to accomplish. Yoga is to BE.
    Short-cuts are for short results.

  • Ashwin kumar

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