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Fantastic Photos, Video of Yoga Solstice ‘Mind Over Madness’ in Times Square

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If you missed it live, here are some perty shots of yogis in the heart of Times Square mania and video of Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins explaining the concept of “Mind Over Madness.”

“We’re trying to create a little ocean or perhaps just a little lake or just a drop of serenity in the midst of all this madness. It is easy to go out into a beautiful a green field or the top of the a mountain and find peace of mind while you’re doing yoga.

The challenge, and really what yoga is so much about, is nurturing your spirit, staying grounded even as you are living a full life in the middle of the world. And there’s no place where life is lived more fully than the middle of a place like Times Square.”

“It’s an attempt, on the longest day of the year, when the sun is shining brightest, to tap into that energy and have it help carry us through the rest of the year.”

Heh. Yeah! Who needs those green fields and mountains anyway? ahem Wanderlust. *cough* Hanuman, Telluride, Ojai, Bhakti Fest *cough* Aw, we still love you nature.

More video. Most of the coverage was for the Bikram midday class. Apparently the media are booked with croissant breakfasts and martini dinner meetings at night.

Perty photos

Shhhh…NYC is savasan-ing




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  • Embee

    Are there a disproportionate number of orange mats or is it just me? Is there a reason? Were they selling them there? Does everyone love orange mats (I do! I have had several).


    • M.E.

      We were given nice Manduka travel-quality mats yesterday provided by the sponsor, Lucy, as we entered.

      • Embee

        That explains it. Thank you!

  • Chris

    Nice to see that that more and more people the world over are embracing Yoga and are deriving the benefits of this ancient Hindu science.

    The principle of Ahimsa (non-violence) is central to the Hindu science of Yoga. Ahimsa is by no means an act of cowardice, because, while violence towards the defenceless is to be abhorred, participation in any noble war ( Dharma-Yudh = war for a selfless, righteous, noble cause) is certainly permitted for all right-thinking men and women. Thus, Ahimsa calls for vegetarianism (non-violence towards defenceless animals), but in no way calls for one to wimp out in a stressful situation.

    So, one would hope that all of these NYC people getting into Yogic poses are vegetarians. Otherwise they would, sadly, be just a bunch of ‘ Carnivorous-Bendy-People-Yogi-Wannabees ‘, who have missed the central theme of Yoga.

    One cannot have one’s Mat and one’s Meat.

    • One cannot have one’s Mat and also tell others they cannot have their Mats.

      • Chris

        Ah, Sarah, willfully missing the point again ?

        Looks like you’ve got a Dharma-Yudh to wage against your carnivorous urges.

      • kristy

        Amen, Sarah!

      • Ashley

        Agreed Sarah!!

      • courtney

        TELL EM!

  • pam

    Who was the teacher in the leopard speedo? anyone know?

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