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Wales Rugby Team Will Win World Cup Because of Yoga

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“We hand-picked six guys who we thought were a little bit susceptible to injury and not as flexible. We put those six in and then said to the others it’s not compulsory, but we ended up having to knock the guys back, because we can only fit 10 in the room.”  Conditioning coach Adam Beard of Wales Rugby Union gets enthused about how his idea of bringing yoga to the stereotypical “gym monkeys” has everyone on the team bending over backwards to get in.

Beard introduced hot yoga to the brawny bros as preparation for the Wales’ World Cup. We love the thought of these rough-housers stretching out the bod and getting in touch with their inner peace. We’re just glad we weren’t the ones that had to inform them it’s not a contact sport. Can’t wait to see the spinal extension on the field boys!

[via Wales Online]



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