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Our ’30 Rock’ Yoga Reality TV Show Dreams Could Come True

in YD News

And just when you brushed it off as another gossip-fueled older celeb dude dating younger hot piece of asana…

The rumor mill keeps a churning! This time onto the set of reality TV. According to the Daily News, Alec Baldwin’s publicly paraded new squeeze Hilaria Thomas, a yoga teacher, was spotted chatting up an IMG employee at the two-year anniversary party for fitness and fashion site MizzFIT.com last Thursday night. Bianca Jade, the “Mizz” is being scouted for a potential reality TV show based around her expertise, but it sounds like yoga teach Hilaria may get some of the multiple minute spotlight as well.

Ooh, so many ideas! We think this should spin out as the East Coast vs West Coast ‘Real Yogis of Venice Beach‘ vs NYC’s Soho Shakti Sisters with a Liz Lemon-esque real realness. Like where worrying about toning the buns is exceeded by concerns of snarting during allergy season. And Jack Donaghy is the overly capitalistic yoga overlord hung up on Reaganing the salutes and marketing scotch-flavored coconut water.

Of course all of these “sources” are so indubitably trustworthy, and Alec Baldwin wasn’t reportedly at the party. Ah, but we can dream.



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  • Hilaria Thomas is such a beautiful soul. I can’t begin to sing her praises…actually yes I can…she’s real girl with lots of wit and loads of beauty way beyond her years. Not surprised Alec is so taken by her and as long as she’s happy, I couldn’t be happier for my friend. Who wouldn’t want to grace his arm? And who wouldn’t want to fall into hers? I think the real question for YogaDorks is: how long until Alec becomes a full-fledged yogi? Thanks for blogging about the show. I can’t wait for my fitness peeps to see it. Much love & lunges, MizzFIT

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