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Alec Baldwin Brings Yoga Teacher to Tony Awards, Disappoints in Partner Yoga Demo

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For all you gossipites and yogamongers, it is confirmed! Yes, Alec Baldwin, indelible actor, possible mayor-to-be of NYC, arrived at the Tonys on Sunday night with the lovely, young and yoga’d Hilaria Thomas on his arm. No partner yoga involved, sadly, just boring old red carpet “posing”.

The media’s plotzing over it, but we don’t really give a hoot about the age difference – 53 and 28 are the new 43 and 18 these days. What we’re most interested in is rubbing downdog elbows with the gubernatorial Baldwin when he makes it mandatory for all NYC residents to commit random acts of yoga at his uber-mega studio chain entitled Yoga Vida del Beetle Juice (hey, it’s our fantasy). No, actually, what we’re really concerned with is, who is she wearing?? And why does Lululemon not make evening gowns? Dropped the ball luluheads!



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