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This Week In Yoga: Yogi Bear, Yoga Tats, Jason Mraz’s Yoga Heart, Jen Aniston’s Vow of Hotness

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This Week In Yoga brought to you by Freddie Mercury and Queen because The Show Must Go On” and the invention of red chai masala tea because it’s delicious.

What a week. For one, Weinergating has taken on a whole new meaning! Previously, a term normally referring to the similar practice of “tailgating” but attended solely by weiner dogs (in sunglasses, natch) has reached the point of political ‘sext’ation. We won’t get into the whole ball of wax, you’ll have to just catch up on your own.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the scandal scale, Baba Ramdev has ended his fast in protest of government corruption (not related to boner twitpics, so far as we know) after 9 days with a trip to the hospital. Which only goes to show, no matter how many millions of fans you have, and how long your Guru beard is, you still need food and water from time to time.

So while the cock fights and controversies continue on, we endeavor to stay true to our intentions and remember what’s really important in life, the Tony Awards of course! Actually, we don’t get that fanatical about overshowy entertainers donning fancy dress, patting themselves on the back over grand performances on televised award shows. We go to kirtan for that! Oh, kidding.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

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This Week In Yoga: Eternal Sunshine, Summertime and the Screwed Divine

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