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This Yogi Bear Will Totally Out-Pose You (photos)

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Yogi bear exists! Again! Yet another yoga-ing bear, Mikhail, performs his poses for the admiring crowd at the Kaliningrad Zoo in Russia. According to zoo-goers, grizzly Mikhail eats up the energy from his audience and will often hold the poses for 5 minutes. And he does it all with a grin! (of a bear who knows he can totally hold padanghusthasana longer than you, n00bs.)



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  • aw geez, and he does it with a HUGE grin! 😉

    and do we really still want to think the cobra pose wasn’t really a child hiding in the grass peering out at his peers?

    some scared (understandably) person saw a similar pose by a cobra, jumped back ten feet, and said, “that’s cobra pose!”

    yogi bear reminds me we get to choose our names for poses “we” make 😉

  • he also does ballet. 😉

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