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New York Times Yoga Tattoo Slideshow

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

DAVID LIFE, 61 “Tattoos mark a moment in time you want to give credit to,” said Mr. Life, a Lower East Side resident since 1979 and a co-founder of the international Jivamukti Yoga School.

And some of us are inclined to wear our yoga on our sleeves. Sleeve tattoos, that is. The New York Times, in its present yog-obsessiveness, published a slideshow featuring the finest yoga tats this side of the Hudson. Above, Jivamukti’s David Life posing all “Lust for Life” Iggy Pop. Rock.

This one might be our fave, though. The $2,000 price tag would have us yoga-ing in nothing more than a neckerchief, too.

Check out the full slideshow.

Do you have yoga-related tattoos? Thinking about inking?



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  • Morgan

    No yoga tattoos for me, but that is one stunning Mayura!

  • annie

    check these out, look at all of them, because he’s amazing, but look mostly at “asiaticos”

  • Meri

    I already have a little brown om on my left wrist but I plan on getting a henna like wheel of “om mani padme hum” on my back. I’m excited to see the style of art that ends up growing through my body. I can’t wait till I’m old and grey and hand all these pieces of art still on me.

    • Lisa

      Where did you get a brown tattoo? I want to get ahimsa in brown but the artists I ask always want to do it in black…

  • I have many messages written on my body. On the top of my left arm I have LET YOUR HEART LEAD YOU which was an aha moment in yoga, the teacher said that instructing forward folds in the vinyasa sequence. I also have LET GO and JUST BE in a bracelet on my wrist. HOLD SPACE on inside of left arm. BE LOVE on foot, which I got with friends on LA INK http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/la-ink-webisodes-la-ink-jason-mraz.html. and that is only a few! My tattoos are very important reminders to me that call me into action!

  • I have 6 tattoos total and two of them are yoga related. I have a large hand holding a lotus flower while making a mudra, which looks like it’s covered in henna on my leg. It has a Sanskrit OM on it’s palm and there’s a cuff on its wrist that says “namaste” in Sanskrit. I also have a large OM inside of a lotus on the inside of my wrist. I love them as ever-present reminders of my practice. Plus, they’ve sparked some cool spontaneous yoga conversations when I’m out and about.

  • I cringe when I go to yoga classes and see OMs tattooed on feet. or even below the waist.

    the feet are considered dirty in India…one would never show their feet to their teacher in India, for example. although many Indian teachers I know have gotten used to westerners’ lakadasical attitudes, shall we say….;)

    don’t do tats of OMs, Buddhas, or a Hindu deity on your feet. show some respect.

  • Lisa

    does anyone know of any good tattoo artists specialising in yoga themes? this guy looks amazing (http://www.urbanprimitive.com/) but it is very far away…. quite a ways outside of toronto it looks like. I’m in NJ but would be willing to drive perhaps 3 or 4 hrs?

  • Black ink is a different color on everyone. I wanted brown when I got my tattoo, but the artist wouldn’t do it, he said it wouldn’t last and that I wouldn’t like it because tattoo ink isn’t a pen, it mixes with the color of your skin to make a whole new color that looks different on everyone. My black ink looks like a deep navy blue on my arm and it’s quite beautiful.

  • This peacock henna tattoo is amazing.Very hard designs.But ı love it

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