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Jason Mraz On Love and Breakup Yoga

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“We are still super friends, we go to yoga together, we surf together. We acknowledge the journey that each of us is on. We certainly want each of us to feel whole and complete. And it’s when you’re whole and complete that that attraction exists and it really thrives.” Pop singer/yoga rapper, Jason Mraz waxes poetic on his split with fiancée, 29-year-old singer Tristan Prettyman, their relationship a victim of his “clinging to his art”.

“I have victory for my art and a great loss for my heart.” Aw.

And yet, yoga unites! See? Even in breakups. Which is fab, because at least they didn’t split over “I’m Yours” being played for the millionth time in class. Aw, we love you yoga teachers with a Mraz earworm fetish.

So, uh, is breakup yoga better than breakup sex? Just curious.

[via Daily Beast]



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  • Meri

    I’m a fan of Mraz’s songs but I don’t think I would play them in class. Just my personal preference of course. I definitely credit him with an honesty that most people in the fame world don’t have. And seeing his passion for music is inspiring. Glad to know he’s a yogi too!!


  • Yeah, I don’t get why people would play every-day music in a yoga class. I like none, or music without words. We shouldn’t be imprinting pop music in the minds of our students when they probably get enough of that anyway…

  • Aww, that is pretty sweet and amazing. I’ve seen so many couples split and walk away from each other, and after years of being inseperable, become strangers to one another. I’ve always felt that there should be a peace and calmness when a couple breaks up, I’m glad they’ve found that.

  • Shanda Packard

    I love playing a variety of music in my classes – from jazz (all the greats- Miles Davis to Frank Sinatra) to Motown favorites (love RESPECT in ardha chandrasana!), to India Arie, Sara Bareilles, Tristan P, and of course Jason Mraz (though, I prefer music from his Rocket album, I’ll confess I do have one list with I’m Yours). At home I prefer kirtan. Why do I play radio music in a yoga studio? Because we have to meet our students where they are, not where we want them to be. And because it’s fun. Yoga doesn’t always have to be serious – in the words of Steve Ross: “loud music is just as much God as no music. Fun is just as much God as seriousness. There is nothing that is not spiritual.”

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