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January Jones’ Baby Bump ‘N Yoga

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This just in: Celebrities do yoga! They also get preggo. We know, it’s like we should be working for TMZ. Here is Lady January Jones, aka Mad Men‘s Betty Draper, all baby bump and yoga’d. Surely the first-time momma doesn’t need yogarazzi in her face, but since yoga studios are the paps’ new favorite hangout we’ve got on our cheerleader faces, doing spirit fingers for celebriyogi public display of prenatal yoga. Fine, we said it. We don’t know who the daddy is, but either Don Draper or one of the X-Men would make our day! Just sayin’.

(Timing is everything: JJ stars as Emma Frost in the next X-Men:First Class movie out now)




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  • She is awesome as Emma Frost! Hooray for preggo celebriyoga!

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