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Jennifer Aniston Vows to Do Yoga and Stay Hot Forever

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“[I will] keep downward dogging until the fat lady sings.” Celebriyogi, doggie mat gifter, and favorite sexy “girl next door” Jennifer Aniston, using probably the most malapropos/apropos analogy for the audience, credited yoga during her acceptance speech for Decade of Hotness award at the Spike TV’s 2011 Guys Choice Awards on Saturday night, June 4.

She also thanked her yoga teacher and yogalosopher, Mandy Ingber, for keeping her so hot after all these years. See? Yoga keeps you HOT even after RRCS (repetitive romantic comedy syndrome). And you know how hard it is to compete with all the yoga hotness in Hollywood these days, sheesh.

So this is fab and all, but we think a little demo would have been more effective. Where’s the parsva bakasana sister? PDY! We mean, if Conan can do it!



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  • Andre Walker

    You have to love Jen but we would love her more if she wasn’t the spokesperson from a disposable water bottle company (cough SmartWater cough). Pretty sure they haven’t kept her “Hot” all these years but they have kept polluting the planet… just sayin

  • Pam

    What is this? the National Enquirer of yoga sites? just sayin’

    • admin

      if that were so we definitely would have pointed out that she’s a romcom alien princess, come to this planet to turn us all into hotbod aliens one trendy haircut at a time.

  • elz

    i love jennifer aniston she looks so great you wouldnt think she was 42 !!! so glad she got this award ! Keep up the good work jen !!!!

  • Norris Hedgpeth

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  • Wow! It’s been 6 years since the article published…and Jennifer seems to keep her vows to do yoga, because she really is gorgeous nowadays!

  • I like jennifer aniston. She is my favorite.

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