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This Week In Yoga: Eternal Sunshine, Summertime and the Screwed Divine

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Oh my, did we imbibe a toxic cocktail or is it June already? If you’re a Northern Hemispherer like us you’re staring down the beginnings of a unofficial sum sum summertime, when Bikram classes and egg scrambling parties can be held simultaneously on the sidewalk. When watermelon juice and coconut water are craved intravenously and breath of fire could make you spontaneously combust and/or melt into a puddle on your mat. Summertime! And the livin’s easy. Oh, we’re heating up, but don’t think things will be slowing down. The Summer of Love’s got nothing on 2011’s YogaDork tour du fests and outdoor yoga-ings galore. You’ll want to stay tuned for updates, postings from the field and all the trappings of true yogster tripping. What? Let’s just start with the news…

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Calling all yoga b*tches! Real Yoga Beauties of Venice Beach (say wha?)

Or perhaps you want to erase that thought from your mind: Forget Yoga. Would You Take This Drug to Block Negative Memories?

What do you get when you cross 90s rock, folk rock and ’30 Rock’? Robbie Williams, Bob Dylan and Alec Baldwin in yoga harmony!

Add Bethenny Frankel and you’ve got yourself one hot TV pilot…? Bethenny Frankel Will Yoga Anywhere (video)

Summertime, not slackertime. Study up!

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