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Bethenny Frankel Will Yoga Anywhere (video)

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“I used to spin every day like a lunatic. You know, I have a stressful enough schedule without being on some bicycle going 150 miles an hour. Yoga makes me feel better. Plus, you can do it in a hotel room or at home. The Plank position is an amazing ab exercise!” Bethenny Frankel, impossibly thin, media savvy “Real Housewife” turned chef, author, professional celebrity empowered woman yogadork, tells Us Weekly.

And here we are, treated to Madame Frankel’s very normal yoga practice. Just another day in the life of a celebriyogadork in front of the flashbulbs. ‘Makeup!”

We last chatted up Bee post-baby after she lost the pregnancy weight in freaky record time with yoga. It seems now the whole family is in on the practice. “We do yoga together,” she says of her family, including hubs Jason Hoppy and one-year-old daughter, Bryn. “I like to say that the family that namastes together, stays together.”

We like to say that the family that nama-stays together usually makes for another idea for a reality show. Someone‘s gotta give Jon Gosselin, Heidi Montag and Snooki they’re next gig. We’re looking at you Alec Baldwin!

Supporting cast? Jim Belushi, Carmen Electra, and Denise Richards of course. Like Gilligan’s Island meets Jersey Shore. Anusaraland can host!



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