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Alec Baldwin Loves Yoga! (Teachers)

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This just in! NYC yoga gosssssip…

The perfect makings for a blind item!: This acting brother in his 50s is now calling NYC 20-something yoga teacher his life ‘Rock’.

Yes, the rumor mill is achurning with news that 53-year-old actor Alec Baldwin is sharing straws with Yoga Vida studio director Hilaria Thomas, 28. They were photographed together at last month’s Carnegie Hall 120th anniversary after-party at The Plaza and now we hear he’s taking her to the Tonys. Thomas won’t comment, but a Baldwin rep neither confirms nor denies. “He’s actually been dating Russell Brand down in South Florida,” his rep quipped. Perfect! A yogi sandwich!

So does he practice the yoga? Maybe! Yoga Vida just opened their second NYC location in Noho, literally 8 blocks away from their Union Square studio. Jack Donaghy would have to be all over anything doing that well. For his sake we should hope he gets in a little practice before his morning shower scotch. We’ll keep an eye out for the new fall show lineup on Kabletown!

UPDATE: A 2006 interview via Starpulse sheds light on Alec’s taste for yoga, er…instructors:

“All my friends are yoga people, my brother Billy was heavy into yoga – it helped him.

“So I took yoga this summer. I took what I call ‘middle-aged-white-guy yoga.’ They have some Indian name for that, I don’t know what it is. I find that yoga instructors have become the new nanny’s – the woman you leave your wife for – your yoga instructor.

“I’ll see a friend of mine who’s taking yoga and I’ll say, ‘How’s yoga going?’ And he’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s great and you should see the a** on this woman I’m taking yoga from.’ It’s really what it’s all about!”

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  • Wow! I think I saw them together in October at the Hamptons International Film Festival, too. If it’s in The Post, it must be true! (Kidding, but not really…)

  • Phil

    No doubt doing some partner yoga – try this pose: Ewwwstrasana

  • would have been a lot more interesting if he was dating a yoga teacher his age or older…

    who cares if she’s a yoga teacher? it’s just another older man-younger woman story….YAWN

  • lindasuewho

    I think we should be very happy for this new couple. I think they will make beautiful music together and will light up the sky with their love for each other’s faces. I think that they are deserving of each other for they both exhibit similar traits and nuances that leave no stretch for the imagination.

  • Contessa

    Once a jerk, always a jerk, no matter who they end up with. I know this from experience. 🙂

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