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Robbie Williams Yoga’s Like a Wildebeest for Upcoming Take That Tour

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“Mentally, all I’m projecting is positive. All I can see is being healthy and happy, and an amazing show,” says brit poptastic Robbie Williams, about to set out on a reunion tour with 90s band Take That.

Remember them? Maybe this time they’re “back for good”! (surely, we’re the first to crack that one)

Taking the lead from celebriyogimonstermama Lady Gaga, Robbie’s been attending hot yoga classes twice a week and regularly meditating to ease his “crippling anxiety” stage fright and to keep him sane on tour. According to a pal he’s been sweating like a “wildebeest” to prepare.

Was it really almost a year ago we reported on Robbie dropping footie for comeback tour dance moves? We can’t WAIT to see him pull out Standing Head to Knee pose on stage in between all the kick ball changes, or whatever the pop rockers call it nowadays. Your move Beiber!

[Via Mirror UK]
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