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‘An overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ Flowchart! Updated!

in YD News, Yoga Origins

We were impressed by this ‘overly brief and incomplete history of yoga’ chart before, but creator Alison Hinks has made some updates. Enjoy the little less-brief, tad more completeness!*

Click the image to enlarge or click here for pdf

Originally at Alison Hinks Yoga. Yes you may bug her for the poster size.

*this is a work in progress.



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  • Elizabeth

    I like it, but it needs curved lines…YogaWorks needs some lines going from Desikachar and Iyengar, for example, and if Baron Baptiste merits a spot on this chart he should have arrows from his parents, Walt and Magana Baptiste, true yoga pioneers who never achieved (and I think never sought) the fame and fortune rock star yoga teacher life.

    Combined with the old Yoga Journal yoga family tree (I think that was in an issue in 1998 or so), an interesting way to look at the history of yoga. Only yoga has less of a “family tree” and more of a tangled thicket-llike shurbbery 🙂

    • Ryan

      If BB merits a spot then so do you, me, Fonzy, Joni, Ralph Mouth, Potsy, Richie etc…

  • JeffreyD

    Where is “white chicks who just want to get toned (but not look big and bulky)”???

  • Ryan

    Most of the people on this chart who are currently alive shouldn’t be mentioned, as they are just a passing fad pushed on us by YJ and the apparel industry. Yeah, I know we are all temporary.

  • pam

    Thank you for including Gary Kraftsow.

  • P

    ty for creating this chart.
    however, it needs some corrections:
    David Williams should be put in between Patthabhi Jois and the California Happy Group. he launched Guruji; without DW Ashtanga yoga would not have become what it is today.

    missing Larry Schultz?
    Steve Ross?
    Danny Paradise?

    are you serious about listing Sadie Nardini?
    take the alignment queen Annie Carpenter instead!

  • This is a great start. One glitch–I think she means Eddie Stern, not Eddie Modestini. And if she does mean Eddie Modestini, then Nicki Doane should be mentioned right along with him because I beleive they co-founded Maya Yoga together….

  • Erynn Pierce

    Cmon! Day one of putting out a plea to youthful women yoga teachers to get in touch with their lineage from the women who pioneered yoga in the west. I googled yoga family trees, and much to my disappointment I am gobsmacked with the severe under-representation of women in the history of yoga.
    I know they’re there! Indra Devi! Vanda Scaravelli! Saraswati Jois? Geeta Iyengar!?
    What percentage of yoga teachers in the west are female? How about practitioners?
    Why are women not banding together to honor and listen to stories of these predecessors, to pay respect to the unique and obscured lineage of women yoga disciples who made it entirely possible to have access to yoga teachings and to earn a living by it?
    Grrrrr…. This is pointing me in a direction.

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