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Yoga Time Machine: ‘So-Called Yoga Philosophy’ Makes Headlines in 1908

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Welcome to the Yoga Time Machine! Featuring yoga news stories from yester years on subjects from the nifty to the bizarre.

Today we travel back to the year 1908:

“President Winthrop Ellsworth Stone of Purdue University confirmed last night a report that his wife withdrawn from the world, including her husband and family, to pursue a mystic teaching supposed to be imported from India. He and his two sons are heartbroken and wold eagerly welcome her back, but are unable to reach her.”

No, this is not The Onion, this is real news from The New York Times just about 103 years ago!

Kiss your loved ones and squeeze your yogis tight before they begin that “withdrawal” phase and abscond to far of worlds never to return! (if this happens, make Anusaraland your first stop). Historical Note: this is circa Pierre Bernard era. Read the full article below.

Stay tuned for more Yoga Time Machine!



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