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Yoga Journal Conference NYC 2011 Recap – Yoga Masters, Marketers, Seekers, Speakers

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Didn’t make the NY Yoga Journal Conference? Sorry we missed ya! Kasey Luber was strutting around with her camera capturing the wonder of it all. Lucky for you! Check out some clips below of the conference that was at once full of yoga masters, seekers, eager shoppers, even more eager salesyogis, ugly carpeting, uglier lighting, and intermittent streaks of enlightenment. Yes, as you would expect the fest was packed with a potpourri of yogi knowledge and purchasables to fill your complimentary YJ tote bag.

We truly dig the idea of sampling all different styles of yoga under one roof, oh and samplings of snackie nut bars, acai sorbet, fruit smoothies and dark chocolate decadence offered in the squooshed stable of marketerville. Thanks, freebie goddesses! Though we did get the urge to duck and and cover when the lunch rush swept through and Yoga Peddler Enterprise switched gears to ludicrous speed.

We’ve said it before, it’s not so much the fact that there are yoga products, it’s that they are so tightly packed together in one room and everyone’s out to make the big sale! Sorta makes you throw up a little coconut water in your mouth. Sorry. That reminds us. One glaring omission to YJNY? No coco reps. Are they all chillin’ with Bikram? Also absent from the conference. And we can report that there were no asana panties for sale, sorry friends.

Cameo of the weekend goes to Chip Wilson, lululemon CEO, wearing his luon best.

One our favorite parts of the conference came on the final day where inspiring women of yoga Seane Corn, Elena Brower, Faith Hunter, Kathryn Budig and Christy Turlington Burns came together to speak on leadership, service and embracing inner power, curated by YJ’s editor in Chief Kaitlin Quistgaard.  You may also notice these ladies on the June mag cover, with Patricia Walden (not at the conference, sadly). Real women making a real difference.


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Did you attend the conference? What did you think?



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  • did you buy the obligatory overpriced yoga conference T shirt? 😉

  • admin

    er…for 30 bucks?
    Let’s say the experience was souvenir enough 😉

  • Joanne

    I think I’ll throw up now.

  • Yogini5

    No. I spent my time elsewhere in NYC (I live there), being too busy, not having enough money for this, and not being a yoga teacher. But I practiced yoga, in more ways than one.

    Those are nice videos, wonderful love letters to NYC.

  • Steve

    Thanks for posting the YJ cover. Such a relief. They’ve more than made up for having a guy on the cover recently.

    Note: I have no idea why that rubbed me the wrong way today.

    Carry on.

  • pam

    I know these conferences are a ‘big production’ but I think they are really too expensive for the average person. Especially if you have to travel from elsewhere and stay over, this could be a $1,000 weekend. I’d rather something more intimate.

  • Ryan

    I am so grateful for these YJ conferences. Where else can I get a comprehensive list of people in the wonderful world of yoga that are to be avoided.

    • Steve

      That lesson will cost you $50. Payable to the good people at YJ.

      (Apparently, I’m still being rubbed the wrong way a day later.)

  • Yogini5


  • Thank you so much for posting this recap. The YJ Conference was quite the experience and definitely one that should be accessible to all. As for the Yoga Marketplace, we personally hope you got to enjoy a pair of thewelldaily.com flip flops :).

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