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Plank Prank Turns Deadly, Yogis Need Not Fear!

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Planking, the once-entertaining, ridiculous yet funny internet trend now turned deadly pasttime has been all over the news. Deadly? It’s all planking pranks and hilarious photos until someone goes over the edge, literally.  An ambitious, and albeit drunken, planker fell to his death trying to plank on a balcony railing 7-stories up last weekend. Pretty terrible!

But all this anti-plank news has us concerned. We as YogaDorks feel compelled to set the record straight once and for all! It shall be declared…

Yogis: do not fear the plank pose!  Ye shall continue practicing your plank,  side plank and half plank in full confidence and in the safetey of your own mat. Abs will continue to burn and lowering and/or lifting through chaturanga dandasana shall remain the bane of many practioners’ existence!


Also safe: savasana. ON THE GROUND.

This has been a yoga public service announcement. Plank responsibly.

Stay tuned for Global Planking Day May 25th.

*Unrelated to drunk yoga.



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  • “planker fell to his death trying to plank on a balcony railing 7-stories”

    common sense ain’t too common anymore

  • It happened in Australia and I’m embarrassed for my countrymen and women!

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