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This Week In Yoga: Ladies Get Stoned with Conan at John Friend’s Magic Anusaraland

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Don’t just sit there! Didn’t you hear? It’s killing you! Everyone’s going nuts over this recent study. Wait, are you sitting down for this? Apparently we are risking our lives sitting our rumps down in chairs all day long, like 40% more risk of dying 15 years earlier if you sit for longer than 6 hours a day versus someone who sits for 3 hours or less. Whoa. This is bad news for us bloggers and, frankly life livers, outside of Lance Armstrong and freestyle walkers. You want to know our solution? No you don’t. See that chair? Don’t sit in it! Oh sure you can “sit” in chair pose. In fact, we recommend it. Want another tip? Drink more water. It’ll make you get up out of your seat more, we promise. And just think, all you public restroom hoverers, you got 5 years on your neighbors!

Oh right, time for the yoga wrap-up. Pass the dutchie.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

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