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Yoga Fashion Shower! (video)

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Add this to the WTF We Love This And Can’t Explain Why pile.

Watch this most oddly entertaining 1:15 minutes of your day. They’ve got some moves! Including high fashion padmasana and paschima namaskarasana. Is that prasarita pado?

“fashion is always uncomfortable
when you get comfortable you never get the look”

Oh wise sages of the fashion-abled, could this be a metaphor? Like for yoga, and therefore life? Do we need to find the comfort in the discomfort? Will we be forever in compromising positions and/or platform heels smooshing our toes, but we must remain calm and composed to find the true meaning and our purpose? The look? Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Whatevs, yoga is SO fashionable now.


“Before to get dressed… dance.”
Now those are words to the wise!

[Via our fave fashionistocrat photog Matt Hoch via Bryanboy.com]



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  • CT

    Hee hee, I think I’d rather have that 1:15 of my day back. 😉


  • David

    They should have stuck with the yoga and forget trying to dance …

  • Interesting clip. The segment from Conan was amazing. “Yoga is the ONLY thing I do” she says. Thanks
    Dean (helpformystress.com)

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