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This Week In Yoga: Osama Been Scandalous, Naked Protests, Wine Sippers Delight

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If this week were a yoga pose it’d be a goddess inspired salamba sirsasana balanced on a bottle of wine, after a decadent brunch, and with a bouquet of roses on top. Followed by a long, luxurious savasana. It’s Mother’s Day weekend after all! Sending love to all the mommas and motherly spirits out there, and all of the important women in our lives who nurture and nourish us day in and day out, past, present and future to come. It’s for the strong, compassionate, feminine wisdom that resides in all of us, including you boys! Now let’s get down to brass bras…er, tacks?

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

This one’s for the ladies…


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