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The Most Controversial, Scandalous Yoga Mats of 2011

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Psst! We aren’t really supposed to be posting these, but when we’re hot on the yoga social media political marketing trail, we are incorrigible snoops and ferrets. You’re probably aware that the sweat hit the fan when Gaiam’s mats were used by CafePress customers to carry certain inflammatory messages. Incendiary, even. Well, we found a collection of the dastardliest, dubiousest (made it up, it will catch on), and most debaucherous yoga mats. We can’t say where they’re from, how they got printed, or who did these dirty deeds, but we can show them to you. Ladies and gents of delicate sensibilities should avert their eyes.

Do you own any of the mats above? If not, what would your scurrilous mat say?


Lo is a writer who lives for mystery, intrigue, and off-kilter humor. Her great loves include Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini. She finds joy in the small things: practicing yoga in wellies, cultivating her natural impishness, and writing bios in third person. Lo can often be found sipping Earl Grey tea while plotting world domination and resides at yisforyogini.com.



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  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!! The first and last ones are the best 😀

  • Love it!!!

    Personal fave – “step on my mat…”

    Mine would say “MUST YOU BREATHE SO LOUDLY!??”

    • Si

      ha haa – I’ll buy that one!

  • Don’t like my dancers pose?
    Kiss my asana.

  • hilarious! i LOVE the brahmacharya one!

  • Sarah

    AHAHAHAHAHA I can’t pick a favorite!

  • I may have to get the don’t-step-on-my-mat one. I’m also going to start telling my husband I’m going to cut him if I see him doing it again.

    • Shanda Packard

      LOL!!! I feel your pain, sista! (and still see the bootprint on my pretty orange rubber mat)

  • Awesome!

  • Lizzie Loo

    how did you get my yoga mat? yoga babes x-ing..

    dude, not my fault i ‘crush’ on yogis.. just saying.. if you have your name and numba on your mat, i may have to give you a call {ok so that mat isn’t mine, but this line was something a guy actually said to me a few weeks ago post yoga.. }
    too funny, luckily frozen chai slushy doesn’t come out the nose when you laugh hard!

  • Tali

    Wow, I thought I might be crossing a line when I developed my “Get your head out of your asana” products. http://www.cafepress.com/sweetasana

    Nope, not so much.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha…Bravo!!!!!

  • I LOVE these!!

    I think I need one that says:
    “I’m here so that I won’t kill my kids.”
    “Sometimes I fart in class. You have been warned.”

  • love it! haha. i love the purple imma haveta cut you mat. 🙂

  • Elise Marie Collins

    Classic! Lo does it again! all the thoughts we pretend we are not thinking printed clearly in bold on our yoga MATS!

  • Amanda

    They’re funny, but come on! Who would actually use one of these things? Slogans belong on the tee shirt you put on *after* class.

  • Brill. Lient!

  • Oh, this is funny. I love the brahmaycharya one{um, not for myself}. Cracks me up. For me, I think I’d have the red one!

  • h i l a r i o u s

  • HAHAHAHAHA!!! These are hysterical.

    mine would say “Namaste Motherfuckers!”


  • Reminds me of something a French lady said a few years ago, upon first visiting America and viewing all the bumper stickers… it was something along the lines of “Wow, you Americans really feel the need to express your opinions.” So of course I’m going to offer my 2cents on this too… I think these mats are a bit much, and just as obnoxious as ppl with a crap ton of bumper stickers. I can see how some would think they’re funny, but, yoga/ “yolking” is about connecting with each other and with yourself, not causing more separation.

    • Lisa

      Megan – This is supposed to be funny. :-/

  • You’d certainly get a lot of attention rolling any of these mats out at your local studio!

  • Google plus button please….

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