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Karl Wente: Fearless Yogi Winemaker

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

A very balanced body with slight oaky finish, subtle hints of goji berry and OM undertones. Could be the wine, or in this case, the yogi winemaker! “I’ll always do yoga in the morning,” says fifth generation winemaker Karl Wente of Wente Vineyards. There he is, popping sirsasana next to the wine barrels. He’s such a yogadork, with “zero fear of doing yoga poses in public places” despite the crazy-eyed non-tipsy bystanders.

Now we’ve all seen the adorable Yoga For Wine Lovers, but Karl is the real live deal. This guy gets “present with the wines” finding the balance and centered focus from yoga when having to taste oh, like 50-60 different kinds at a time. We dig! And the way he’s pouring out his love of yoga certainly has our taste buds tingling for a little vino and Vrksasana. Responsibly of course, ahem.

Look out for Karl the Yogi Winemaker (dubbed so by YD) and his 11 yoga videos to follow later this year on his blog. Really! We think he should also do how-to videos on winning over the yoga crowd one glass of pinot and crow pose at time. Eat your heart out Gary Vaynerchuk!



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  • abbylou

    Interesting. I live about 30 minutes from the Wente winery. I would love to attend a yoga event there. KW is unknown in the local yoga community.

  • Yogini5

    Looks attractive. I’m a teetotaler, though these days.
    Meditation is so much better than drinking.
    Takes longer to get working, but similar effect.

  • Snowyogi

    I’d like to party at his house!

  • awsome! what a winner.

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