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YogaDork Giveaway! Win a Day Pass to Hanuman Festival in Boulder, CO

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Hey, so have you ever been to a yoga fest? Seems this year you can take your pick! phew, we know. Yoga fests are the new yoga retreats. It can get overwhelming and perhaps a bit daunting, so we’re pretty excited to offer you a little booster. As a kickoff to the summer festivities and in conjunction with our #365Yoga journey, we are pleased to announce the next YD giveaway – Win a Day Pass to Hanuman Festival in Boulder, CO!

This summer marks the inaugural year of the Hanuman Fest, a four-day showdown of yoga and music in the heart of yogatown, Boulder, CO, June 16th-19th.

Featured teachers include Seane Corn, Amy Ippoliti, Kathryn Budig, Kia Miller and Simon Park, among others. It also happens to be the 20th anniversary for White Swan records, the label representing yogi pop and kirtan artists including MC Yogi, Donna de Lory, Suzanne Sterling and Desert Dwellers. Fun! Hanuman Festers will also be happy to know there is a heavy focus on eco-consciousness and sustainability efforts, reflective of the Boulder community.

WIN: One Day Pass to the Hanuman Festival in Boulder, CO. Winner can choose between Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Check out the website for more info about the fest and schedule hanumanfestival.com.

Please note: prize does not include travel or accommodations.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’re not familiar with Hanuman, according to mythology he was the courageous devotee of King Rama who, in short, leapt halfway across the world and moved an herb-filled mountain to save King Rama’s brother from a fatal wound. If you’re familiar with the pose, you know it’s no easy feat! In honor of Sir Leaps-a-lot, enter in the comments someone you admire, whom you would move mountains for, figuratively or not. Alternatively, tell us someone you know who would do this for you and give them a gratitude shout-out. Simple as that.

Giveaway will be open until end of day Monday May 9th, and winner will be chosen at random and announced Tuesday, May 10th. Good luck!

UPDATE: We have a WINNER! Congrats to Debby PC!

Thank you all for participating and sharing your Hanuman inspirations!



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  • Jeet

    I would figuratively move mountains for my dad, who is a big Hanuman fan!

  • Years ago I came to know a woman, who at first was not an individual I would ever think I would come to call my friend. She was my at the time boyfriend’s ex girlfriend and an aloholic. Her alcohol addiction created a bitter and jealous being that lead to unkind and un favorable actions. One day her path led her to a Bikram yoga class. At which point she surrendered in her words ‘ on bended knee’. This transfered into a new and more brilliant addiction. She later moved back to her home of Canada and became a student of Baptiste and has had quite the remarkable yoga journey. We are both yoga instructors and some how became friends through the process. Her journey was long and sometimes harbored in darkness and painful truths. But immerged as such a brilliant light. I like to think that our journey to become friends was not all that different. Through Leaps and Bounds I am happy to call her my kula and my friend! Nama!

  • I would move mountains for the man that I married 14 years ago. I knew he was the one for me when, at 20 years old, he purchased an engagement ring for me with the $ he had been saving for a Camaro since he was 14 years old. This man has become the father of my children, my partner in crime, my best friend, my inspiration to live with honesty and presence, and my yoga partner. He has encouraged me to follow my dream of opening a yoga studio to spread joy and kula, he has supported every monumental decision I have ever made. He gives me love, friendship and peace each and every day.

  • Isabel

    I would move mountains for my man and, funny enough, I know he would do the same if not more for me. He’s definitely a keeper!

  • Matt

    I would move mountains to bring happiness and the root of happiness to all sentient beings.

  • I only want a VIP ticket — you know….for those REAL SPECIAL yogis who get to sit in the first two rows if they pay $1,500 for this shindig! I bet Hanumanji would pick me up and leap over all those not so special yogis who can only afford the cheap seats to put me in the first row! 😀

    • Ryan

      Darn…you beat me to this.
      I will stay at home & cheer for Linda.

  • I desperately admire my aunt KK. Her and I are kindred spirits and our relationship is the most balanced, natural and beautiful connection i believe two beings could have.

    At the end of each practice i send love to all of the women in my family; my Mom, two younger sisters, Nani, Grammy and my Aunt KK. I live each of my days to the fullest, in honor of them.

  • My husband. He works full time, competes in multi-sport events and refuses to practice yoga, despite the fact that I teach 5 days a week at a gym, rehab and therapy office. Even so, he has always supported and encouraged me to pursue my dreams– and paid the bills. I’d love to be able to further my training and yoga experience without having to dip into his pocket yet again.
    Thanks for putting up such a great site!

  • Stacy

    My friend. We have supported each other through all of life’s transitions and rough times so far, and even though she lives about 14 hours away from me, we are still close.

  • Faith

    I would move mountains for the lost soul. Yoga has slowly begun refuel the fire that once burned passion for love and life. As Matt stated above, I would move mountains to bring happiness back, to regain balance and to find a voice for that inner soul to sing.

    Alternatively, my husband would move mountains for me, although he can’t always figure out a way to break through, he tries patiently every day and supports my creativity, my insanity and my potential.

  • My friend Sally. We met at age 9 on the first day of 4th grade, and were fast friends. We survived middle school, high school, and (long distance-ly) college together, and she has always been there for me. She is a huge inspiration, support rock, and adventure partner!

  • i would move herb filled mountains for my mom. shes so selfless and giving, and has provided me with so much lust for life. in so many ways yoga allows me to give back to her and im so thankful for that.

  • Nicola Farrer

    My three young beautiful children, who continue to inspire me and teach me everyday, yes, I would leap over mountains for them!

  • My grandmother is 84 years old, a Holocaust survivor, and a yoga teacher who continues to surprise me with her dedication to growth not to mention her energy level. Growing up, I spent every weekend with her, so we are extraordinarily close. I teach yoga, too, and I cite her regularly as an inspiration. There’s no way to give back all that she has given, but I would channel Hanuman to leap over oceans and move mountains for her and then some.

  • lisa

    My niece, Brie. We live on opposite ends of the country- she’s in Hawaii and I’m in NYC. Since I can’t make the hanuman leap, we meet in ‘the middle’ and take a trip to Boulder each summer- we can’t move the mountains so we meet in them. This girl showed me my capacity for love and my yoga practice has allowed me to feel the love. I would do anything for her- and I know that she would do the same for me.

  • Brian

    My Yoga teacher/mentor. She appeared when I was ready.

  • Joey Kate Laurie

    I would jump mountains for my family, my sweet husband and two wonderful boys~

  • Lindsay Stark

    I would move mountains for my husband, it will be our 3 year anniversary right before Hanuman! Let’s celebrate, yoga style! 🙂

  • Brooke

    My dad always says, “Life’s too short.” In other words, LIVE IT! I sure do love him and would move mountains for him. I’d leap all over them. He is my inspiration–not to get all cheezy.

  • Steve

    Almost too easy (just keeping it yoga focused): Tim Miller, who introduced me to Hanuman, not to mention the deeper practice of Ashtanga.

    Jai Hanuman!

  • Rhonda

    My family – my mom, my brother, my husband – who have all supported every wild hair idea and out-there impulse I’ve ever had! I can only hope to return a fraction of their worth by moving a measly little herb-filled mountain!

  • Meri

    My little (and only) sister. We went through a pretty hard childhood together and I protected her from a lot of family aggression (her being 6 years my junior). Now that she’s growing into a unique and independent teenager, I feel my personality making more of an impact on her. I would do many great things to make sure she knows she’s loved and see her surpass me in all she does. For though she is young, she is a huge inspiration to me and everyone who knows her.

  • my favorite yoga teacher, deirdre..who was the first person to teach me about Hanuman! I aspire to be the great teacher that she is 🙂

  • My sister, whom I don’t always agree with or get along with is who I would move mountains for. Wish she understood my pestering is caring and that I don’t always know how to help, although I want to. She is strong and loving under a hard facade.

    My fiancé would move mountains for me…how do I know? He is accepting and calm when my temper flares and it immediately brings me out of a bad mood.

    I would absolutely just Love to win this! I’ve never been to a yoga festival!!

  • Marcia

    My friend Jean, who is always there, helped me birth babies, ideas, and my self. Without her support and unending mentoring I would not be the person I am today!

  • kia

    I admire and would move mountains for my husband and I know that feeling is reciprocated. In a more devotional way without concern of reciprocation I would say my midwife who stayed with me and did yoga poses in my living room in between the drawn out periods of labor last year as well as is fighting for informed birth choices in our state as our Colorado midwife law is up for review this year.

  • Rita

    I would move the mountains for my mom. My mom immigrated to US as a single parent with two kids without knowing the language. Although she’s was an engineer, she had to clean houses to make made the ends meet because she didn’t speak the language. At night, she would sit on the couch with a dictionary in her lap, studying English. I can’t imagine leaving everything behind and moving to a different country. She is an amazing, brave and strong woman and I will forever admire and be grateful for everything she has done.

    A gratitude shout out goes to my husband. I would definitely move the mountains for me. Before we were married, I moved to Oregon. He quit his job and moved there for me. We later moved together to Israel for a year. He has already been there for me through thick and through thin and I believe will forever be.

  • Kelley

    Sure it’s Mother’s Day today, but I’d move mountains for my mama any day!

  • Miranda

    The answer is complete and rather simple. The person who does it for me is the same person I would in turn do for: my mama. The love of a mother and the love one has for their mother can never be compared to any other type of love. Sometimes we search our whole adult life trying to procure said love from a romantic prospect although it always turns up short. If we stop breathe and think we will realize that the love of a mama is special unto itself and cannot and should not be duplicated. This is not to say that the love of others is not as good. It is simply different and we must honor that.

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