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Yoga Teacher Stages Naked Protest at London’s Tate Modern

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This week in Naked Yoga Teacher Protests:

Monday night a laughter yoga teacher, Charlotte Eaton, from north-west London shed her outer layers and marched across Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seed exhibition at London’s Tate Modern. The 100 million sunflower seed installation was to be closed Monday night, but not before Ms. Eaton showed her support, and her nekkidness, with a (strategically placed?) sunflower and just the words “thank you Ai Weiwei” and “freedom” painted on her body.

The naked showing came in protest of missing outspoken Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who had last been seen in early April just before being detained by Chinese police for investigation of “economic crimes.”

Ms. Eaton’s intention was to reflect the “playfulness” of the artwork and to give a voice to the silenced artist. Reports say she emailed the Tate for permission first – mighty responsible of her! But the 40 some gallery goers and staff were treated to the surprise flashing. Luckily she was quick enough and left before security had to escort her out. Then everyone took a deep breath, grabbed their bellies and laughed all the way home! In support and practice of course. Laughter yoga is contagious. [via BelfastTelegraph]

photo: artobserved.com



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