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Manchester United Star Ryan Giggs Won’t Shut Up About Yoga

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This Week In Yogi Quotes:

“Giggs? He must stop talking about his yoga! He says it makes him run faster. I will have to sign up immediately!

“He is 37 years old and he runs more than almost everyone else on the pitch, and he is decisive. What can I say!”

says Manchester United teammate Patrice Evra about his elder, yet fab and fit footballer Ryan Giggs. [via Sport.co.uk]

We’ve seen more stories about Ryan Giggs and yoga than we can shake a hooligan fist of beer at! He loves it. And 7 years after first incorporating yoga into his fitness routine, Giggs continues to boggle people’s minds kicking around the field with finesse into his late 30’s. He’s so sold on the benefits of yoga he’s launched his own ‘Giggs Fitness’ DVD featuring his tips on practice. So this means Man United fans can all take tree pose instead of / whilst shouting obscenities, yes?

Further reading: Ryan Giggs: How yoga extended my Manchester United career… [DailyMailUK]



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