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This Week In Yoga: YJ Talent Finalists, Dave Davies, Shirley Maclaine and Yoga Rehab

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Joy! We have arrived at yet another festive time of the year filled with sugary chicks, chocolate-induced smiles and sticky fingers. And that’s just our new Peepasana class, we also had Easter! Props to yisforyogini. More to celebrate? Well don’t forget little old Earth, just because the holiday has passed (tip: the earth won’t). And hey, speaking of sweet highs and celestial beings, we are now free from Mercury’s retrograde grip! Great balls of fire! Whatever that means for you, at least now you know the hiccup in your relationships and that hiccuping dude on the mat next to you have nothing to do with the first planet from the sun, it’s just your luck!

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Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

More Peeposturous yoga, in diorama form. [SeriousEats.com]



This Week In Yoga: Denise Richards, ‘Plus-Size’ Yoga, Biggest Losers and Winning Kids

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